New Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVD Is Out

Stopped at Best Buy during lunch today and picked up a 2-pack that includes Aqua Teen Hunger Force seasons 1 & 2. Sweet. Can’t wait to watch those things.

In other news, after work I was playing some basketball yesterday and smashed the index finger on my left hand. Hurt like hell, but I could deal with it. I was thinking of canceling my golf game this week, but I have a tournament basketball match on Thursday which I was not going to be 100% for. I was bummed. Well, today at lunch I awesomely smashed the pinky finger on my RIGHT hand, so now I’m a fucking gimp that can barely type. Golf is definitely off the list, and I’m looking at being 70% for the tourney game. I’m so awesome at sucking.


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2 thoughts on “New Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVD Is Out

  1. Ooops! I did it again… almost
    1 Jailhouse1 $876  
    2 P A L $584

    out of 200some. I really needed this one after going out 69th in the Grand Prix when 77 hit a 7 on the river to sink my QQ and a dude knocked me out of another multi when he made an opened str8 draw with one card to come, paying 10,000 chips (my raise). Went out here when my JK lost to the flop of J105 and dude had K10. I should have been more patient, but it’s almost four in the morning and I am sleepy.

    In other news, me and Lynn took our grandmother to play bingo for her birthday. It seems noone plays regular bingo these days. You have to make crazy shapes, kinda like keno. We played no a one game of regular ol’ five in a row bingo. One of the shapes was called “sputnik” and while playing I heard Lynn mumble to herself, “My sputnik is nearly complete.” Overall, I won 300 bucks when I made a large frame. very exciting, and scary to see the look of death you get from the regulars because youre some new kid on the bingo block. I shared the cash with my bingo team, except my grandma regifted hers in the form of 50 to me and lynn, flat out refusing to take it.

    Anyway, whazz on.


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