Bad News Always Comes In Twos

I must have offended some all-seeing deity somewhere, because just days before I was to start in a basketball tourmament and take my golf game to the next level, I bust one finger on each of my hands. However, whereas the index finger I busted on Monday was feeling pretty ok by Tuesday, the pinky finger I busted on Tuesday looks like a fucking corn cob this morning and I’m having trouble moving it at all. So now I’m pulling out of the basketball and quitting golf while it heals. Plus I can’t lift weights. So it looks like I’m on the cardio workout only for the next (few) week(s).

The new consensus, from lunchtime conversation today, is that it may very well be broken. So now I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning in order for him to make the call.

My Left Finger=Good
Left Pinky Finger Seems OK
My Right Finger=Fucked
Ooh, I Don’t Think That’s How She’s Supposed To Look

With all luck, I slept on it weird last night and it will feel better tomorrow. Meanwhile, in reality, I expect to be fucked by this injury for awhile yet to come.

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7 thoughts on “Bad News Always Comes In Twos

  1. My knowledge of the subject is that once they start, they just keep coming with no end in sight. Sorry Z, you’re screwed from here on out.

  2. I would have expected something along the lines of this from wirkuswhazz: “At least you still have all of your fingers, asshole.” Instead, I will watch my junk.

  3. Hey,

    I’m about to head upnorth for a weekend of scuba and whatnot. You all have a whazzin good time. If you have the time here’s a question to ponder for me. I just got two job offers. Hotel jobs, but jobs none the less.

    Job 1 is at the Phister. The Phister is a big ol fancy hotel. Pros: 8 bucks an hour plus 50-no limit in tips (avg 100 a shift), dicsounts at other hotels.
    Cons: I’ll have to start out working mostly 3rd shift. The bellman don’t share tips, so it’s all out war all the time. the staff as a whole strikes me as junk.

    Job 2 is at Hotel Metro. Metro is a small 60 some room, independant hotel.
    Pros: Pooled tips, sane hours.
    Cons: not as much money. (4 something an hour plus 50-200 in tips (avg 90)

    Those with bellmen experience are encouraged to let me know what they think, but really, I’d love to hear from anyone. It boils down to high stress, bad hours and more money vs less money, better hours, less stress.

  4. I think it largely depends on a.) how much money you need, and b.) how much can realistically be “made up” winning at poker if you take the lesser paying job. In other words, if you’re still able to pay your bills at the Hotel Metro and have a little fun on the side, plus able to use any possible poker winnings to sweeten the deal, I would say work at the Metro. If you want to be bling-blung and flash that Cartier watch around Brady St. with a ice-dripping Bellgirl at your side: Pfister all the way. Pffffffffffffffffffffff.

  5. Zach,
    I made enough player points fot the saturday freeroll. I think it starts at noon. If you or timmer or GMX want to play it or some combo of you and timmer and GMX, that would be fine with me. I think the thing starts at noon. Whatever you win, you can keep. Anyway, call timmer at 608 239-2744 for details.

  6. Yo! I think we need to set up a big whazz get-together. It’s been awhile. Cal, where the hell are you? I miss you! I put a picture of Wirkus and Arlo on my desktop today. I’m going to tell everyone that Arlo is my husband.

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