Virtual Friday Was A Hit

Holeeeeeeee crappo.

When your alarm clock goes off for two straight hours and you don’t really hear it, that’s when you know you got drunko the night before. Man alive, that was some quality drinking we did last night.

After work I did a great job of losing the basketball game for my team. It was the first round of the tournament I put together and we were playing to 30. My team was up 29-24 and we could not close the door. Then I missed a few completely open shots and the whole thing went to pot. Anyways, suffice to say I wasn’t in the best of moods.

Me and GMC wanted something to eat before heading down to meet Judd & Co. for a nice night of leisurely drinking. We actually ate at Flames Coffee Shop, where I had an incredibly delicious meal entitled “Beef & Prawns”. The beef was good. The prawns were good. The mashed potatoes were good. That’s all I ask from a meal these days; for all the components to be good and delicious. GMC had a ham & cheese omelet. Thumbs up from him as well.

We stopped to get some beer and I brilliantly had the idea to get a 12er of Icehouse. I hadn’t had Icehouse in a grip of time. Once at Judd’s, comfortably drinking my Icehouse, we tried to figure out where to go. We ultimately decided on Tesky’s, a German bar downtown next to Trials. Tesky’s was a smaller, more compact version of the Essen House. Upon arrival, music was playing that entailed a jazz-type musician doing a cover of “Rape Me”. He followed that ditty with covers of “Baby Got Back,” and other hits of the 80’s, 90’s, and today.

We drank two Boots at Tesky’s. A one liter version and a two liter version. A good time was had by all. Rock Chalk showed up with Irene and Marlon. I think I drunkenly blathered at them for awhile. Everyone then decided to go down to the Bar & Grill. Me and Caspa drove down there, following Kendric (~!~). Bar & Grill was crazy busy, so me and GMC ended up at Cinabar. It was there that my night probably officially ended. Last thing I really remember in the bar is GMC telling me a story wherein he was very emotionally yelling about something. I can’t remember what because I was face down in my plastic cup of Pabst Blue Ribbon at the time. After that he drove us home and I kinda remember having my hand out the window making it go up and down with the rushing wind. Some guys pulled up in a car next to me and cheered me on, right before they went shooting down an off-ramp.

I think I annoyed Rock Chalk when I crashed into the bedroom and started trying to molest her. I promptly passed out, however, so I couldn’t have been a menace for that long.

And that’s how I arrived at this morning: way hungover, hungry, and kinda sick. Hope you all have a great day.

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3 thoughts on “Virtual Friday Was A Hit

  1. Lunch made me feel better, but I still don’t eel so good, senor. No drinking tonight: I swear it. Maybe just play Zuma all night until I go to sleep. What do you think of that, Rock Chalk?

  2. I was told via phone by Tha Wife that our weekend plans include:

    1. Renting and watching The Bourne Identity.
    2. Watching The Bourne Supremacy.

    I think we should watch Rounders, too.

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