Kickboxing + Weddings = Tha Weekend

Don’t have much time to write yet, but I encourage you to take a look at the moblog to check out the pics I got at last night’s kickboxing tournament: Born To Fight IV. It was pretty sweet, even if I had to sit on high school gym bleachers for 6 hours to see the whole thing. I’ll have more to say tonight or tomorrow. Because in the meantime Erin and I are attending a wedding for her former coworker Randy this evening. It’s a dry wedding; wish me all the luc you are able to.

–whazz on

One thought on “Kickboxing + Weddings = Tha Weekend

  1. What{s up fools? I{m whazzin atcha from good ole Mayheecoh. It{s been fun so far. I successfully got here with an e-ticket, which as a techno skeptic, was surprising. Here{s a word of advice: don{t fly United. Those assholes can{t do anything right to save their lives. A four hour flight took almost 6 and a half, most of which was waiting on the tarmac in Mexico for some other dumb plane to leave our gate.

    The day before yesterday Jesus and I went to Teotihuacan. I{ll fill you in on a brief history of these ancient ruins…here goes: built by the Aztecs a long, long time ago as their homage to the sun god. There are a couple of big pyramids in the middle of nowhere. When I was at the embassy in February the lady who gave me a tour was like, there are buses for $30 that go to the ruins round trip. Well, fancy that. Jesus found us a bus that took us there for $5 round trip. Granted it was dirty and a little bit broken, but for this gringa, it added to the ambiance. The trip took an hour, and it surprised me what a nice neighborhood Jesus lives in. We went through all these barrios just like on the infomercials for the Christians Children Network. The best part was that there is no such thing as safety guidelines here, so the bus just kept picking up passengers until there wasn{t even hanging on room, let alone standing room. There were two mariachi and I learned a new verse to La Bamba: Para ir al cielo. Para ir al cielo se necesita una escalera grande. una escalera grande y una chiquita y ay arriba arriba. That{s fucking great…because those staircases at Teotihuacan were a bitch. No hand rail, no nothing. Just keep climbing and if you fall, well there{s no such thing as insurance or liability. It was your own stupid fault for wanting to climb all the way to the top of some thousand plus year old indigenous ruins, have a panic attack and fall to your death. You didn{t even need a warning, asshole. It was great.
    At the present I am sincerely enjoying unemployment. In fact, as a homage to the mexican people, I{m about to do my second tequila shot of the day (boo yah, Jesus is on call), and find the Gucci store that the Internet says is only 3 blocks from my present location.

    And I say to you: whazz on.

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