Wedding, Garlic, Kickboxing, et. al.

The wedding turned out surprisingly ok this weekend. The ceremony, while deeply religious and kind of strange, was of the 2 Fast 2 Minute variety. It included the groom being named “The Jesus of His Family” while the bride was told to submit to her new husband in every way. Meanwhile, I was reading the part in Leviticus where God makes it an abomination to eat shellfish. I wrote a little prayer card I was going to submit to the church for clarification, but Erin stoled it from me. I’ll reproduce it here:

Dear God–

Why is eating shellfish and being gay evil?

holler back,

Hopefully an answer will be forthcoming from the bottom of Erin’s purse.

The reception was pretty not bad. We were stuck in the back, almost as if there was an anticipation of sorts that we would act up in the most un-Jesus of ways. Ho boy, was that an accurate depiction. Snorting and giggling during the pre-meal prayer, especially in such a religious crowd, is not necessarily God Behavior. No liquor was served in or around the wedding reception, so we had to run to the hotel bar to get that sweet, sweet release of alcohol. We did get champagne for the toast, but I drank it all right away. At the next table, Stephanie tried to get me to give her some grapes that I had got from the hors durves table. I told her I’d trade for her glass of champagne. She denied that barter suggestion. I moblogged some of it, so click the images at left to see somethin, somethin.

On Saturday night we attended the Born To Fight kickboxing tourney in San Jose. Twenty bucks went quite a ways that evening, as we were entertained from 6:30pm-12:30am (if you count standing in line for the first hour and a half as entertainment). Most of the fights were really good. The only problem I had was that my ass hurt from sitting in the bleachers in the gym for 4 hours. And it was 200° in there. But other than that I had a good ol’ time. It even made me consider doing kickboxing. I also moblogged a bit at this, too. Take a look at the pictures.

Finally, while Erin and I were at the wedding yesterday, GMC, Judd, and Amanda went to the world-famous Gilroy Garlic Festival. They seemed to have a fine old time, if what the pictures Caspa took suggest anything. They met old men dressed as garlic bulbs and ate long, donger-shaped items. Apparently GMC was told by 4 cops (one on a horse) to put his goddamned shirt back on. That dude likes walking around shirtless, apparently.

Anywho, I gotta get back to work. Just wanted to drop a line. Holler back from May-hee-ko, Jen.

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2 thoughts on “Wedding, Garlic, Kickboxing, et. al.

  1. The cops were just jealous that I was less fat than they were (on a side note, the horse was hot).

  2. 1. the kickboxing tournament was pretty awesome, although my ass has yet to recover from the torturous four hours on those bleachers. considering i came away from the evening with a numb arse and some choreographic inspiration for a new modern dance (thanks, team usa!), i would have to say the night was well spent.

    2. casperson, i hate you. actually, i just hate your phone. i should’ve never let you take that damn picture. on a side note, chocolate-covered bananers are yummy.

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