Spent all of last night and some of today fighting against the insane pounding in my skull. As a delicious new treat to my crazy, migraine-world, I got very nauseous and it felt like pins being shoved in my eyes whenever I looked remotely near a light source. So this morning I’m mainly laid up in bed, trying to get the pounding and pain to go away.

–whazz on

3 thoughts on “MIGRAINES!

  1. I am the Master Planner of Everything. We needed to take the new hires out for lunch, and we were worried about not enough people showing up? BAM! Bella Mia’s? Reservation for 13 please. We needed a solution to the some-interns-can’t-go-to-Marine-World-Day problem? BAM! Giants game and beer, anyone? We needed to have a welcome reception for our new hires? BAM! Trials Pub, baby. I’m liquoring them up. You can never start too early.

  2. From now on, please address me as “Master Planner of Everything”.

  3. I got A HAIRCUT and went grocery shopping. The haircut kinda hurt with the migraine and all, but at least I don’t look like a hippie anymore. The Zach-With-Long-Hair experiment concluded prematurely. The outcome? Failed.

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