An Abject Apology

Sorry for my outburst in that last post. It was late, late in the evening and I was angry at being rivered out of a possible $399 payday. I have composed myself now and I can talk about Judd’s new place, which I visited for the very first time last night.

I (along with the Brewermobile) helped him get his couch and bed moved over to the new place. It’s in East San Jose, about 2 miles from downtown just off Santa Clara. It’s in a nice secluded drive in a newish complex. It’s a townhome-type place with a nice little front porch, a great back patio, a sweet kitchen, and other amenities. I really liked it, and seeing someone I know actually purchase a home out here is a terrific morale booster. Erin and I were concerned about being able to actually get a place to live, and seeing that Judd was able to pull the trigger gives me hope that we can do it too.