Battle of Bautista

Yesterday was the Battle of Bautista 2-on-2 basketbal tourney down in San Juan Bautista. Due to Scott’s unfortunate absence, Judd asked me to team with him this year. We were, expectedly, eliminated but not before winning one game in the winners bracket and one game in the losers bracket. Going into this year’s tournament, the Judd/Scott team (formerly named “The Desert Rats” and “Deez Noots”) were always “Two and Barbeque”. Stepping in at Power Forward, I wanted to do my best to erase the 0 in the wins column for Team Really Bad (TRB).

With a combination of awesome outside shooting and Judd crashing the boards with a vengeance, we were able to squeak out a 21-8 win in our first game. The second game were were matched up against Team Money, the team that would eventually go to the championship game. They fucking tore us a new one. I think they were up 18-2 at one point. To save a little face Judd and I put a on a show and took it to 18-10 or something but then they dropped the hammer and put us in the Losers bracket. Our third game came against Team Nukka, a spry pair of gentlemen who played a tough game against us. An Ultimate Frisbee hip injury was re-aggravated during that game when I got kneed in the side on a drive. In a game where I was hitting most every jump shot, Team Nukka had a momentary case of insanity and left me open for a 17 footer for the win. Final was 22-6. In our last game of the tourney, we went against Slo Mo with the winner advancing in the Losers bracket. I thought I would be able to handle Damien in the post and I think I did a fairly good job, but leaving him open for jumpers at the free throw line was not a good idea. With him hitting those open shots and Phil demolishing us on the pick and shoot, it was elementary for them to dispatch us 21-7. The fact that neither Judd nor I could hit a shot from outside also contributed to the loss. Also the fact that I had a few jump shots blocked also contributed.

HOWEVER, with the final loss in the container we were finally affored the ability to go eat lunch. And it tasted every bit as delicious as I had hoped. At the Battle of Bautista I was introduced to a new kind of snack. It will revolutionize the snack world in— I was just informed by Erin that it is not new or revolutionary. In fact, it is in the vending machine at her work. Anyways, I had never seen it before. It was a mixture of Doritos, Cheetos, Sun Chips, and pretzels. It was fucking delicious. Erin says it is called “Munchies” or something.

Now out of the tournament and my hunger sated, I could just lounge around and watch the rest of the games. In the end Sick Balls beat Team Money to 4-peat the Battle of Bautista. The only team that has ever taken First in the BOB is Sick Balls. That is impressive.

Anyways, now I’m at home and it is Sunday. I think GMC is coming back into town tonight or tomorrow (I think tomorrow). My lower back is absolutely killing me from battling in the post, and I think today will be a Day of Rest. Two Advils, do some laundry, clean up the house a bit, and watch some boob tubery.

–whazz on