World Series of Poker 2005

I’m pumping up this post as a trial balloon to send into the air of general opinion and see how many people are interested in moving the Vegas trip for 2005 back a few weeks. At this point, many of us that go regularly play poker, and it might be cool to be in Vegas at the same time as the WSOP. Play in some satellites and such, and still be able to do the regular Vegas stuff in case we (shockingly) don’t make it to the final table.

Scientist says “Not a good idea” because we’d be playing poker like 10 hours a day and therefore wouldn’t be able to do anything together. A valid point, perhaps. What do you guys think?

Also to mull over: should women be allowed to come this year? Have they not been allowed before? Or was it just that none wanted to come?

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One thought on “World Series of Poker 2005

  1. Hmmmm…interesting. I guess I’d like to go, maybe play in the 1000 tourny and a supersat or someting ‘sepcialy if things keep going as well as they’ve been going, but Madd is right, it’d be more about poker than about vegas. If I were playing in a WSOP event I’d want a good, sober nights sleep before hand, and some time alone to prep for it. I guess if anyting I’d like to do two trips.

    As far as women go, I love my girl and all, but to me vegas is a time for hanging with the guys. I would not be opposed to a trip to vegas with girlfriends, boyfriends of wives, but at the same time the standard vegas trip is an important part of my year.

    Ok gotta run, playing the 20 multi, Dude named Hugepastrami just bet into me…


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