Dave Chappelle == Bling, Blung

From EvilAntnie, AIM is reporting that Dave Chappelle has inked a deal with Comedy Central for two additional seasons of Chappelle’s Show. One of the better parts of the deal:

The deal also has implications beyond Comedy for Chappelle within the network’s parent company, Viacom, sources said. Another component sets up Chappelle with a multimillion-dollar deal at Paramount Pictures to star in an adaptation of the autobiography of Rick James, the funk veteran whom Chappelle has lampooned on “Chappelle’s Show.” He may also be tapped for a different film project.

Also, Dave was given more of the share of DVD sales. I hadn’t heard that the Chappelle’s Show Season One DVD was the highest selling television-related DVD this year. From the article:

More important, “Chappelle’s Show” has become a juggernaut on DVD, selling 1.7 million units to date of a collection of first-season episodes — the most successful television-related DVD of the year despite minimal marketing.

Chappelle’s original deal reaped barely a fraction of DVD revenues — a source of frustration to the comedian as his second one-year deal with Comedy expired. The new deal cuts Chappelle not only a larger portion of DVD sales — including retroactively to the first and second seasons — but revenue from merchandising and events as well.

Another interesting note is that Dave was apparently offered the Host spot on the MTV Video Music Awards but turned it down. Now that’s what I call awesome.

Party at Judd’s house for the first episode of next season of Chappelle’s Show. I think it’s supposed to start in January.

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