Google Access Log Extravaganza!

While paging through my mail on my UW account, I came across this week’s site statistics, and once again found some humor in there. If you don’t remember my last post about the subject, basically when someone does a Google search and then links into Whazzmaster it leaves an entry in the access log. In that log I can see what people were searching for that they eventually ended up at Whazzmaster.

Today’s entry that tickled my pickle:

Indeed, I often find myself wondering: How Exactly DOES One Do The Thizzelle Dance? I wish that Whazzmaster contained that kind of information. Frankly, I could make millions.

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4 thoughts on “Google Access Log Extravaganza!

  1. WHAT!?! i’ve been pushin the thizzle dance for the last year. whats taking u ppl so long to catch on?!?

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