Lots of Drinking

Well, I may not be able to effectively tell the story of the past weekend, but at least I got some pictures. Starting with the Carlos Mencia comedy show we went to see Friday evening and ending with our drunko dinner at Nola’s in Palo Alto on Sunday night, the principals involved this weekend (GMX, Dan, Luke, Blaine, myself, and Rock Chalk) had a lot of fun. I probably don’t have anything really awesome to say about the weekend outside of a few funny moments, but I did manage to moblog quite a bit of it. Take a look at the Mobile Whazzing moblog to see some of the pics from the weekend.

Friday Night

All of us met up with Kendric and Trish down at The Improv to see Carlos Mencia. The show was 100% fucking hilarious. If you ever get a chance to see Carlos live, I highly, highly reccomend it.

Afterwards we walked across the street to get a drink at Tres Gringos before they got too busy. The sign on the wall said that they were having a Model Search that night. I encouraged the wife to sign up but she told me “no”. We headed over to the Flying Pig for even more drinks and moblogging fun and excitement. Finally, we decided to end the night by showing the Wisko Krew the fun that can be had at Trials Pub. Three pitchers of Snakebite later, I was sufficiently inebriated to call it an evening. But it was still early, so we went home and got more drunker. Thanks to Rock Chalk, we also received a Jack in the Box treat on our way home.


After Friday night’s drinking no one was in a mood to rush off and drink on Saturday. We basically sat around the house and played video games and took naps. At some points we jumped in the pool, and at other points we watched DVDs, but overall nothing of note took place… during daylight. Then Rock Chalk and I decided to take in a showing of The Bourne Supremacy around the same time the other guys decided to go Cosmic Bowling. We got back from the movie and watched some more TV, and when the other guys got back at 1:30am or so, they decided to go sit on a golf course and “see the San Jose skyline” at 3am. I think that that is gay code for “make out on a golf course” but I’m not positive.


I woke up Rock Chalk on Sunday morning by demanding that she get out of bed and put clothes on so that we could go to the beach. Which beach? Ocean Beach, up in San Francisco.

We all walked around on the beach for awhile. Dan and GMC were desperately trying to find washed-up jellyfish that they could throw at other people. GMC eventually found what he termed the “Sea Whip” which looked like an Indiana Jones-style bullwhip that had washed ashore. I wish I had gotten a picture of it. GMC was too busy trying to hit people with it to actually get a picture. Blaine had a very fun-slash-gay time picking up sand dollars. I guess he was planning on making some sort of Arts & Crafts thing with them.

We decided to take the scenic (i.e., really fucking long) way back to Sunnyvale from San Francisco, so we headed down Hwy 1 through Pacifica. On the way I was really hungry so I made Rock Chalk stop for food. We ended up eating at a Taco Bell on the beach. It was great and insane at the same time. They had a surf-up window. Also, lots of hippies.

Once home, we lazied the hell out for a few more hours before donning nice clothes once again. This time the target was Nola’s Restaurant in Palo Alto. GMC brought the house down with his 60 oz Hurricane (see the moblogged pic) and I generally had a good time drinking a lot and eating etouffee.

Monday Morning

As it stands on Monday morning, all I know is that The Wisko Krew is on their merry way back to Wisconsin (and likely there already) while I am behind on laundry, house searching, and almost all other possible chores that were assigned to me. The above statement was not meant to blame those guys that I didn’t get shit done last weekend. It’s more of a testament to how much fun I had and all the shit we did (aside from the lounging around the house, that was just plain me being lazy).

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  2. California was great, seriously great you guys. I’m in the process of looking for a J-O-B now because I must live there, even if only for a short time.

    Anyway, Z and E, thanks for letting us stay at the “player pad.” I hope we didn’t rile things up too too much for you two. Also, thanks for carting us around in the “player ride” (get some rims man, the rims). Dinner at Nola’s was also great the last night we were there and thanks for that as well. I’m sure I’ll be out there in due time but until then you all take care.

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