ALF: Season One

From the pre-eminent Onion AV Club DVD Reviews:

The finest puppet-centric sitcom ever made—beating out such pretenders as Madame’s Place—Alf introduced the world to the furry alien who would later go on to pimp long-distance calling services and will soon have his own cable talk show. ALF: Season One (Lions Gate) (Buy It!) collects the cat-chasing visitor’s earliest adventures, preserving for posterity every last wisecrack, along with Max Wright’s subtle variations on the same befuddled look. Ah, technology.

I know what GMC is getting for his birthday this year. To celebrate his mother’s intense childbirth pain I am going to buy her son a DVD collection of a TV show about an orange, feline-eating alien.


15 thoughts on “ALF: Season One

  1. first i do like this…
    put a look on my face like i smelt some piss
    bounce to the beat til it start to hurt
    i dust all the smerk of me shirt
    dip to the ground as I catch the bass
    & wipe all the sweat off me face
    hop back up & I start to slide
    poppin my collar as I glide
    i break the thing down & do the furl
    dust myself off like I just stole third
    c’mon everybody, now’s the chance
    fuck the harlem shake, its the thizzelle dance

    when i do it they same i’m killin it
    the look on my face means i’m pillin it
    just like the niggas i’m chillin wit
    u can’t do the thizz unless u pillin it
    this the last verse, then i’m sealin it
    after this…niggas be stealin it
    this is hip hop w/ no jonny gill in it
    no new edition or prince when i’m spillin it
    i’m 12 years strong & still in it
    i’m slugged up & diamond grillin it
    i don’t care who I’m in the villain wit
    i’ll do the dance w/ nancy von chillinwich

  2. r u makin millions yet now that knows how to do the thizzelle dance?

    even cal stopped doing bts?

  3. r u makin millions yet now that knows how to do the thizzelle dance?

    even cal stopped doing bts?

    what is this shit about waiting before i post again so i can’t be malicious?

  4. I think there are built-in mechanisms to MT that don’t let you post more than one comment within a minute.

  5. good, i’m glad to see that rap is back
    sad to see that madd is whack
    happy that whazz was repacked by zack
    but understandably so, where’s cali at
    let’s return to days when we ruled the town
    marched down the streets of the downest-town
    waves smokehouse for lunch and F&A’s for late
    then pick up kendric after his hot date
    so what do you say, return of the day
    some call it thursday, but most virtual friday


  6. Hey all,

    The new job is ok. The place is posh, but small, 65 rooms, and a little hojoish in the staffing. After 9pm there are no workers and the bellman does everything, including, from 10p-11p, room service, cooking and all. I’ve been making good tips, sometimes I get a 20$ for opening a cab door, and on Tue night I scratched a valet mustang, ending an undefeated streak of 4 years without damaging a guest’s car.

    In other news, they are re-doing my bathroom, so I have no where to poop. I think I’ll be ok though, because I work all night, then I’m off to Hortonville for a continuation of the summer of weddings. One funny item worth noting is that Brian and Katie are apartment managers, and Brian’s summer job is maintence man, so the dude working in my bathroom is Brian! Sometimes I come home and dude will be in my house fixing something. I’ll watch and then we’ll grab lunch.

    whazz on

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