Busy, Busy, Beaver

Lack of posts due to being crushed with work. There are lots of developments with me, Erin, jobs, and homes, but since they aren’t all sorted out yet I don’t want to reveal anything so soon.

Quick News: I got my review at work and was not fired or laid off. In fact, I actually got a raise. Also, my team was elimidated from the Intuit Basketball Tournament last night in a crushing 30-27 defeat. The other team won with a 3 pointer, so I was particularly unsatisfied. I have quite a post stored up about me and losing so I’ll try to get that online soon while the rancor is still piping hot.

So that’s about it. Erin and I are going on a short vacation next week to Tahoe, so I may or may not post during the week. No matter what, though, check back to find moblog posts of us enjoying the bottle of Cristal that Wirkuswhazz got us for our wedding.

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