FUCK SHIT ass bitch cunt bitch fucker piss fuck ass shit

no no no no no no no

fuck you hollywood, get herpes and fucking die.

zachery moneypenny

17 thoughts on “no… No…. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  1. so i’m drinking tonite…who’s joining? cal? perhaps agenda tonite?

    wirkus, ur streak currently sux.

  2. Erin and I are goings to a bday party for one of her coworkers. After that, ??? (mainly because we are going out with old people who like to be home early so they can take out their dentures and such). GMC, what your plans be for tonizzle?

  3. also, think about some football for saturday/sunday. maybe some whiffle baseball & drinking? girls are more than welcome.

  4. have fun drinking tonite, boys! i’ll be dancing my little arse off all nite long (cuz i’m a dance-dance-dance-dance-dancin’ machine…watch me get down!)…then it’s sleepy time for miss manders cuz she’s one of those insane people who work six days a week……..anyone drinking tomorrow night?

  5. Yo! For the record, it’s a going away party, not a birthday party. Let’s drink afterwards. Or tomorrow! Have fun dancing Amanda!

  6. for the record (so that no one thinks that i’m going out dancing and not inviting them), i have dance class and rehearsals tonight…that’s why i can’t go out drinking tonight, but if anyone would like to party it up with me tomorrow night, give me a hollar!!!…….have fun at the going away party, erin and zach!! congrats on your raise, zach!!!

  7. YO!

    1. I’m for drinking tonight after the “Goings-Away-Partay”.
    2. I’m for drinking tomorrow as long as laundry gets done for the trip.
    3. Maybe I’ll dance tonight, too. It will be… The Running Man.

    New email address, y’all. Decode the puzzle: whazzmaster A T gmail dizzle-ot com

  8. 1. zach, do the thizzelle dance, its hella easy. maybe i’ll show u the video.
    2. caltrain is back up for weekends to sf…u r allowed to drink on it too.
    3. has anyone heard of mission rock?

  9. wow nobody posts here anymore. anyway i was reminded of moneypenny last night when i woke up to taranchalas less than 2 feet from my face. I killed them with my machette. Moneypenny, post your email and I will send pictures because I know how much you love spiders but do it quick because i have to leave town in a couple of hours. whazz out also madd, I want in on suicide football

  10. zach, sent them to erin. The TIME magazine was just under my hammock where I sleep. I woke up to the noise of it crawling on the newspaper. I also included a picture of a scorpion which I have to kill every day.

  11. Yo,

    Sean. Nice to see some Sean. And nice to be reminded of suicide football. How should we do it this year? Any suggestions or should I go out and plan it?

  12. Yo all–

    Sorry no posting. I’m on vacation in Tahoe and I can’t remember the URL for the admin page to whazzmaster. I’m gonna have to make this shit easier when I get back. For the time being, rest easy with the knowledge that I am having fun and winning money in craps.

    Sean: holy shit. I can’t wait to see the pictures that will most likely freak me the fuck out. Holler back, brave man.

    zach & erin (via Tahoe)

  13. Look, bitches, I’m officially a Milwaukee whazzer, but without a phone. I’m whazzin from an internet cafe on Oakland and Belleview before I see “Maria, Full of Grace” at the Downer. Milwaukee ain’t so bad.

    Some updates:
    1. This weekend is Mia’s wedding. I’ll provide a full report.
    2. Law school is hardcore; we haven’t even had orientation and I already have assignments for every single class. WTF?

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