Live From Tahoe

Can’t type for long. I’ve got teenage children hovering around me as I type at one of the “free” computer access points at the resort. I guess they have to get their online Pokemon news fix or something.

Vacation is great so far. We’ve gone golfing, had lots of great meals, gambled a lot, and went white-water rafting this morning. One bad thing so far: I lost $500 at craps last night and when we left the casino (I was in a not-so-great mood) we found that our rear tire in the truck was flatter than a motherfucker. Thirty minutes later Erin and I managed to get the other one on but let me tell you: a.) it was a bitch, and b.) I was ready to drink when done. We stopped at the nearest gas station and I bought a pint of vodka from the man behind the counter with all the money I had left.

A ten-year-old child is standing 3 feet from me staring at me right now. I better get off. More posts later on. I’ll get the pictures developed too and upload them. There’s some pretty good ones.

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  1. I wish I was as much as a loser as thizzelle so that I could check the internet for updates every 12.674 minutes to “win” some first posting “prize.”

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