A Little More Time Now

It’s so nice to be able to browse the interweb at my convenience without retarded children hovering around me.

Oh fuck.

Those same two fucking idiots from yesterday just ran into the room as I was typing that sentence. Now I have to deal with them again. Awesome. Simply awesome.

So anyways, I wanted to drop a small line about the Olympics. Erin and I have been watching them pretty regularly on this trip and I gotta say I’m surprised and delighted that the USA seems to be kicking the holy living shit out of every other country in the world (except at men’s water polo, men’s beach volleyball, and women’s team gymnastics). I’m a little disappointed that every time I turn on the TV to get my Olympics on, I get to see either gymnastics or swimming. I want to see the good shit like the shotput, discuss, badminton, table tennis, and powerlifting. Pole vaults, bitch, pole vaults.

I’ve been on a pretty regular workout schedule while in Tahoe, which has worked out pretty good so far. My body feels like it’s falling apart at this point, but I have a deep tissue massage scheduled in about an hour and a half so I hope that helps. The one thing that fucked me up was that on the first day of working out I kinda forgot that we were staying at 7500 ft elevation and just busted an arm workout plus cardio. I felt like puking about 5-10 minutes into the cardio so I had to stop. Now I know why Rocky was fucking around up in the mountains before he beat the shit out of the Russian.

Not so much else to report. I’ll holler back later (hopefully when all of these goddamned kids go to bed or something).

–whazz on

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