…a new Mountain Dew flavor came out today (to add to the already flavors of Code Red and Live Wire). The name: Mountain Dew Pitch Black.

Ryan: “Salut”
all: **drinks dew**
Ryan: “crap”
Erin: “Mountain Dew, why did you just shit in my mouth?”

9 thoughts on “Soooooo…

  1. …odd, not to mention gross. I’ve never been a fan of new flavors; in fact, I wouldn’t mind a flavor purging, the complete elimination of all but the basics. What the hell is live wire or pitch black supposed to even taste like?

    Also, sorry I didn’t get back to y’all about that scrabble question. I was drunk watching the Brewers lose. Saturday was the sausage race. All in all, a lot of running, drinking and Miller Brewery Touring was done by all.

    Back to the question, is yen ok to use?

    This is a debate that I’ve seen many a time on the scrabble board with many a different result.

    Yen means more than Asian money, it means to yearn, so it works because of that. I yen for Mountain Dew. If you type it in on you get the yearning definition but not the money. But things like lira come up as monetary units, so go figure. The official scrabble dictionary is kind of a mess, and needs to be updated, and this is a big controversy in the world of pro scrabble players. The peeps at scrabble just want to make money and they do that with scrabble without organizing tournaments or updating their dictionary. The people at scrabble also refuse to let any outside source update their dictionary. For the most part they are assholes. If interested, there is a book called Word Freak that’s all about scrabble. Katie got me it for christmas and it’s really good.

    So how to get around this?

    1. if there is a challenge go to and type it in.

    2. use whatever dictionary you have around the house and go with that for challenges.

    3. make your own rules and gently debate them when situations arise.

    4. fight and scream.

    i know that is not the best answer, but language is fluid, and all rules are artificial constructs, so making a game based on language is fun but also tricky.

  2. WWhazz –

    1. Livewire is suppose to taste like orange mountain dew and it is by far the best of the three (I actually purchase it for consumption).

    2. Tell Parker thanks for thinking of me when he was cleaning out his doghouse and decided to not throw away the life size poster of Stone Cold Steve Austin but rather decided to send it to me (that was thoughtful on his part).

  3. Erin actually just used “yen” as an example; the word she actually wanted to play was “franc”. I said no at the time. It ultimately was no matter, as she crushed me with “craft” on the TWS instead of “franc”.

  4. 1. After weeks and weeks of chaos and drama, I am officially a Milwaukee whazzer with telephone service and DSL, bitches. There were times when I knew that the dream was still alive, but make no mistake: there were often times of paralyzing doubt.

    I crossed an international border, made a visit seemingly back in time to my mother’s hometown for my cousin’s wedding (his new wife has a cousin who got knocked up by her uncle and then they got married. She was missing a few teeth; true story), packed up my miserably materialistic life and moved to Brew City (is that what they call it?). It was the city which provided the backdrop for the antics of one of my best loved childhood sitcoms: LaVerne and Shirley.
    “We’re gonna make our dreams come true/
    Doin’ it our way”

    My prior experience with Milwaukee was limited to gay bars, Mexican restaurants and suburban shopping, but I think Milwaukee has a lot more to offer me.

    2. I’m officially a law student and I’ve survived two whole days of class. I LOVE IT. A little law humor for you: my torts professor today told us that his class is worth four credits because “it’s a complicated MESS of human activity and liability.”

    3. Mia’s wedding. Mia is now a married woman. It was a strange experience to see my former partner in single life crime join the ranks of honest women. Her wedding ceremony was nice and short at the state capitol. I was so hungover from the night before that I barely made it through. The reception was wonderful, with plenty of wine, so that by the time dinner was finished and her new husband was giving the last speech of the night, I couldn’t stop crying. Mind you, I was happy for the new couple, but mostly I was sorry for myself. Mia gave me a little perspective…

    Jen: I am happy for you on this special day, however, I am faced with the fundamental question of why no one wants to marry me.
    Mia: That’s because you keep breaking up with everyone.
    Jen: Oh. I never thought of it that way.

    I’m gonna miss that girl. On Sunday I burst into tears no less than three times each time I remembered that Mia’s married and moving to Canada.

    Mia’s mom was also a whirlwind on the dance floor. I guess you had to be there.

    Whazz on. I miss you guys.

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