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This may be the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, but I just signed up for the WWE Fantasy League. It’s analagous to Fantasy Baseball/Footbll, but you draft a roster of wrestlers (and even some non-wrestlers) and then try to earn points for each of them in a variety of ways. You start with a salary cap of $20,000,000 to draft your players.

Currently, my roster looks like this:

Superstar Salary Points
Batista $3,675,000 0
Billy Kidman $1,775,000 0
Funaki $700,000 0
Triple H $4,800,000 0
Trish Stratus $2,500,000 0
William Regal $999,000 0
Totals $14,449,000 0

From the Rules page, this is how you earn points for your wrestlers:

Show Point Category Points
RAW/Smackdown Appearance 3
RAW/Smackdown Match 5
RAW/Smackdown Win 7
Heat/Velocity Match 2
Heat/Velocity Win 3
Pay Per View Match 8
Pay Per View Win 12
All Shows Win a Title 20
All Shows Retain a Title 13
All Shows Finishing Move 5
All Shows Finishing Move Kick Out 3
All Shows Foreign Object Shot 3
All Shows Final Match 3
All Shows Disqualification -4
All Shows Suspension -10

It may end up being the stupidest thing ever, or it may be kinda cool. If you’re interested in signing up, it costs $9.95 for the season. From what I gather from the web site, the winner of the contest will (possibly) appear on WWE TV and be presented with a Championship Belt. That’d be kinda cool, though you’d be competing against the many retards who take wrestling far more serious than you do. I just want William Regal to win the World Championship.

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13 thoughts on “WWE Fantasy League

  1. 1. I can’t believe that you assholes wrote a whole post about home ownership. LAME. I swear to God if you start to whazz about 401(k)s and shit that I’m going to sue you all for outrageous conduct: intentional infliction of emotional distress. And my torts professor loves me, so that means I’d probably win.

    2. When are you guys coming back to Sconnie? I want dates, not some weird silence to my question. I miss you all a lot, plus my life is empty and isolated since all I do is study.

    3. I was a paranoid person to begin with, but now that I’m studying law, I can barely leave the house. Everything is a potential tort or breach of contract; watching cartoons is strictly out of the question, because it makes me want to have a nervous breakdown. Plus, I keep trying to break up with all my boyfriends, but it’s not working; they just refuse.

    It’s a cruel, cold world for us single gals. Especially now that all my friends are getting married off…I don’t think I’d wish it on my worst enemy.

  2. An intelligent response to your comment would be that each of us had made different choices so each of us has different things that concern us now. Currently, Zach wants to buy a house.
    Jen, you’ve chosen to go to law school to further your goals.Luke chose to move into a house so he could further his dream of becoming Bob Villa (beard, check. house to tear up, check. flannel shirt, check).Zach and I, chose to get married, you didn’t, but I don’t feel the need to comment on your constant comments on the agony of being “a single gal”Aren’t you open minded enough to allow for this? If you don’t like something don’t read it. Move on.

  3. Hey now, I don’t even own a flannel shirt.

    And I liked Steve Thomas better anyway.

    On a *slightly* more serious note, I’ve always found if you don’t like what somebody writes, don’t read it. Yeah, that can be hard sometimes, but our house conversation was but a drop in the bucket of battle raps, drunk talk and “first” posts. I could share what I really think about all of that stuff, but there’s really no need to. Make sense?

  4. Well, with the departure of Mike from whazzmaster, we were all starting to get along. Can’t we all just get along?

  5. Hi, I’m a Canadian wrestling fan and am unable to enter this contest. A few of my friends however want to run a league for fun anyway though. If someone would be kind enough to e-mail me the price values for the wrestlers in the Fantasy League I would be very grateful.

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