The House Hunt

Erin and I went to speak with a realtor this morning. It happens to be the same lady who helped Judd get into the place he purchased a month or so ago. She seems extremely great and willing to work with us, which I suppose is why Judd ended up working with her to begin with. I consider Judd an excellent judge of people in general.

The Short Form: we probably can’t afford a very nice (big) house, but it’s always possible that somewhere out there lies in wait a nice little 1500 sq ft two bedroom home for under $550,000.

The Longer Form: we need to figure out exactly what we want in a home, and then start looking. We need to speak with a lender to see if anyone’s crazy enough to give us $500,000 on the finger. We need to come up with a mortgage payment we can make each month. We need to do a lot of things and, if we’re serious, we have to be ready to move into a home before November 21st, which is when our lease on 1371 Norman Dr. is done with.

We’ve got a lot of stuff to learn about, and money to save in the next 7 weeks. Wish us luck.

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7 thoughts on “The House Hunt

  1. 1. Sorry for my joke about you married kids; I didn’t know that it would be taken so seriously, so I sincerley apologize for hurting your sensitive & fragile sensibilities, ladies (Luke and Zach).

    2. Labor Day weekend: I can’t tell you anything more than “Peaches and Steve”…and that when people ask Alona whether I’m gay or straight, she tells them I’m gay by association. I think I might be hungover for the next few days.

    3. Good luck on the house hunt…but does this make your Sconnie return that much more distant?????

  2. Good luck, Moneypennies. Here’s a word to the home-owning wise: take your garbage out more than once a month. I was almost overrun by gnats this morning. And I know that you all know how I feel about bugs. Every time I killed one, about four more reinforcemens would appear. After I took my garbage out, all bets were off. I calmly went from bathroom to kitchen with a can of aeresol hairspray and a roll of toilet paper. I only have two words: problem solved.

    So, kids: remember to always take the garbage out. Otherwise, your life will parallel that of Silvia Cynthia Stout.

  3. Howdy!

    Here’s a little bit of found insanity to brighten up your day. It’s the unedited transcript from the back of a postcard that was sent to the bellman at the Concourse Hotel from a crazy old man who used to work as the parking lot attendant. Keep in mind that most of the bellman don’t even know the guy and those that do have not heard from him in well over a year. Enjoy:

    I came to work as a bellhop at the Hawthorn Hotel in 1927 when I was about seventeen years old, and stayed until I was appointed to the Salem Fire Department in 1940. During my time at the Hawthorn, bellhops worked a six-day week. One day we would work a split shift, from 6:30 am to noon and from 6:00pm to 11:30 pm, and the next day from noon to six. My pay for a 49-hour week was $5 plus tips. For the first few years… the money was pretty good / at the time the Hawthorn had 150 rooms and was a very busy place. But after the crash in 1929, there were many days when we didn’t make a dime…I remember single handedly putting out two fires… I’ll never forget the day I stepped into an open elevator door in the lobby without looking and fell 18 feet to the basement floor. Luckily, nothing was broken.

    Sent with best wishes, George.

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