It’s Judd’s Birthday

September Ninth is Judd’s 26th birthday. Wow. That dude is old. Here’s to Judd’s birthday! I was just trying to remember the name of the wrestler Cal always used when he wanted to mock our interest in wrestling. I wanted to have him (the imaginary wrestler) give a birthday salute to Judd. I thought it was… I REMEMBER!

“Hi Kids! This is Colossal Pete! I just wanted to drop by and wish Judd a Happy Birthday! Don’t do anything Colossal Pete wouldn’t do! Bye-bye kids, seeya next yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeear!”

And now for a rundown of this weekend’s activities: Thursday night we’re having a get-together at bars(?) for Judd’s b-day proper. Erin and I are also looking at houses on Thursday evening. Then on Friday or Saturday night Amanda is having a dance performance. Then on Sunday we’re going to do even more things for Judd’s birthday. Some kind of party somewhere I think. Maybe at our house, maybe at the beach.

–whazz on

14 thoughts on “It’s Judd’s Birthday

  1. Interesting. Whazzmaster crapped out this morning. I had to delete all of the movies to be able to view the homepage again. Curious.

  2. i too was wondering that wirkus. who is this new dude in first anyways? i’m still playing so u & i might not be deadlocked by the end of the season. a handshake, a smile, & a wish of good luck to you.

  3. Woke up this morning and watched some of the videos from last night. All I can say is you guys are all really cool. I will have Z put the videos up when I get back.

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