Just In Case…

you have a morbid fascination with house hunting, Erin and I are currently VERY interested in this little baby.

I was going to link to the source photo, but the people at mlslistings.com are bitches, so I’ll just steal the picture and put it on my server.

See here for the interior pictures.

We’re seeing it a second time on Sunday to do some measuring and see if it would fit all of our stuff. I think that the Whazz machine would go in the garage. It certainly won’t fit in the Living Room. I think Rock Chalk is ecstatic. If we’re in there by Thanksgiving, I guess Whazzgiving will be on Cherry Street this year.

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10 thoughts on “Just In Case…

  1. dude, good luck! Cambrian is considered one of the nicest parts of San Heezy. $468 isn’t too bad for a 3Br 2.5B. I hope there aren’t many other buyers.

    Then you’d have money left over, and I won’t feel so bad trying to hack whazzmaster.com

  2. Seattle has been a let down so far. Besides having bitchitis it has, wait for it…..rained nonstop. We went to a strip club called Sugars to find that they had moved about 100 miles away, wait for it…from a bum. We then ventured on the what was suppose to be the granddaddy of all strip clubs here in Seattle, Deju Vu Lakeside. The marquee outside boasts free addmission everyday all day. Sounds like it should be fun. As we walk in a 500 pound black guy demands $7 for a cover charge. I didn’t know that free actually meant $7 so I happily paid the angry black man. Venturing deeper into unknown lands we begin to see life. The internet screamed that deja vu had the hottest girls and for $40 – $60 you could get a handjob. Now what we found was that between you and the girls was a space of about 15 feet. The girls do not come up to you to take your money, rather they dance for free and try to get you to have a lap dance. The thing about that is that of the 20 or so girls working, the hottest one looked like she had just stepped out of a herion rehab facility. More to come……

  3. 1. Maybe I’ll try to take some pictures on Sunday if they let me so I can post pics of the Master Bedroom and the rest of the upstairs.2. GMX: That place sounds like the dumb-ass Kit Kat Club where you have to leave a dollar sitting on the rail and then the lady just picks it up and throws it on the floor. But with a cheaper cover.

  4. gm…check it yo. a kewl black club is Rock Salt by Westlake. take the mercer exit when u go to seattle. Pioneer Square got some white stuff to do. u can get a 5 club pass or something for one cover price. there’ll be some black & white stuff to do. should be crackin w/ dem gurls back at skewl & the game today. its downtown in the 1st & james area (yeckler too?).

    zach…got that mlbtv thang today. 15 bux for the rest of the season. not too bad, resolution could be better when its full screen. not really jumpy. i’m finta check out wwf fantasy now.

    anyone…what is the best game station to buy? inlcude internet capabilities so i can play ya’ll when i’m in vegas.

  5. Well, well, well. You ready for some stories?! Good cause I don’t have anything exciting worth mentioning. Seattle is officially the worst city I’ve ever tried to have fun in. Strip clubs I was 0-3 and bars I was 0-5. Though with rain I was 3-3. I did see the space needle at night which was pretty cool, but I couldn’t get a good picture cause I was driving and it was literally like trying to drive through a small stream at 60 mph. Can you say hydroplane, I knew you could. Sunnyvale I’m on my way back home.

  6. What in the hell was J.R. McKee like? And why does his realtor photo look like he is a man with such pathos?
    I don’t do anything fun anymore. I studied in Racine all weekend; my boring and lame parents had more fun than me…they went out every single night! WTF?

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