Go Pack Go

Football season started out nicely tonight with a 24-14 asskicking applied to the Carolina Panthers by the boys in Green and Gold. A special note was that Madden spent a good chunk of time talking about Kevin Berry and how he was progressing on the O line. Me and GMC spent a good laugh reminiscing about how “prevent defense only prevents you from winning.” Kyle: I’ll never forget you or your sage advice.

Green Bay: 1-0 and kickin ass. Plus we own a house. Things are lookin up out here on the west coast.

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8 thoughts on “Go Pack Go

  1. I think heather might be the packer’s lucky charm. She bet AGAINST them and then they won. Thanks heather, keep betting against them.

  2. I cleaned the toilet 2 weeks ago and erin said if cleaned the toilet then I could shave my head. Then she badgered me about shaving it for a week after I cleaned the toilet. Then yesterday I decided to take her up on the offer. She was not amused.Along the way in shaving it, GMC decided it would be funny to see what I would look like if I was going bald. Upon seeing it, I became very depressed and wanted it removed from my head. Not before GMC took some pictures, however.

  3. I stil don’t understand why she encouraged me to shave my head and then when I did was not amused that I’d done it.

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