We Own A House

Holy crap. We submitted an offer for the place I was talking about in the last post at around 1pm yesterday afternoon. At around 4pm, while taking a sip of my beer and making hamburgers for the cookout I got a call from Lucinda, our realtor.

Lucinda: “Well Zach, I have bad news and good news for you. Which do you want first?”
Zach: “uhhh. Bad.”
Lucinda: “I need you to sign one more form.”
Zach: “Uhhh. OK, what about the good?”
Lucinda: “They accepted your offer. You guys own a home!”
Zach: “buh. uhhh. oh my god.”

Erin did not get the happy news right away because she was on a boat at the time. After much frantic calling I finally got a hold of her and told her the news. She had to rush back to the realtor’s office to sign the new form. And then we partied all night long. Good burgers, good brats, some football in the afternoon, some swimming. Shit, even the Madd Scientist came out to play. A good time was had by all. Everyone drank and played, and me and Erin just kept glancing at each other all night, saying, “Hey, we own a house.” Well, we’re $474,500 more in the hole today than we were yesterday, but at least we have a place to call our own now.

Our next steps are to go over the loan with the lender, get the needed inspections on the house completed, and then wait out the escrow period. I think we’ll be able to start moving in on or around Oct. 15th or thereabouts. Whazzgiving (for those who come this year) will be held at the new place since we have to vacate our current house by November 21st.

Gotta run. I still have to get to work this morning.

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6 thoughts on “We Own A House

  1. aiight…just a reminder, 2day is 2pac’s anniversary for his fake death. take a moment out of your day & think about your fondess 2pac memory & share it w/ the group.

  2. Congratulations. Katie and I were talking about a return to Whazzgiving so, this may help convince us to come!

  3. Dude move to Denver and get more town house than that for around $140,000. Jeepers. Screw Cali…wait till it sinks into the ocean.

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