New Orleans Spared, First Lady A Killer

A small update to yesterday’s breathless report that New Orleans would, by tonight, be The New Atlantis at the bottom of the Mississippi Delta. According to ABC News, Hurricane Ivan turned East at the last moment to stave off the destruction of New Orleans at the last minute. That damn city has used up a considerable amount of its nine lives.

In other news, it appears as though Laura Welch (now Laura Bush), killed her boyfriend in high school. Of course, the so-called liberal media have not pressed for any details as to why, though she was at LEAST involved in manslaughter, Laura was never even cited for the accident. Just another friendly reminder on why you should hate the Bush family.

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8 thoughts on “New Orleans Spared, First Lady A Killer

  1. If I remember correctly, Laura Bush was a teenager in high school when that happened, well before she ever met Bush. Anyway, depending on the Texas state statues, she may not have fit a manslaughter, or even a negligence criminal charge.

    For her to have been charged, she had to at least demonstrated some kind of recklessness or negligence in her conduct. We’re studying homicide in my criminal class, and negligence in torts.

    A brief aside: we discussed “discipline” as a defense in my torts class for about 10 minutes; it’s basically that a person can legitimately beat someone else in order to maintain order. My professor called it an archaic freakshow in the law of torts. I love him.

  2. Here’s what I think…

    Should something like this affect who people vote for? No. Would it? Depending on how it was spun, you bet. If Republicans can have bumper stickers like “My gun is safer than Ted Kennedy’s car”, this is pretty much fair game to Democrats.

    I still have trouble understanding exactly how so many people can think Bush is actually a good choice.

  3. It was only one cup. The other 4 cups I had were black as could be. Just thought of Wirkus as I was pouring a cup and determined it would be nice to have a good ol’ cup of child’s pie. Sorry to those who were offended.

  4. Luke: I am just pissed off at the myriad illegal things tha the Bush family has gotten away with over the years. I should looks at this rationally, but I think rationality has gone out the window this election cycle. All that’s left is my terror at the thought of another 4 years under George W. Bush.

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