Bored For A Minute

I’m waiting for a search of the codebase to complete so I can change an error message on a dialog. Since it has to search through hundreds of files for the dialog text I’m looking for, I figured I’d write a little something while waiting.

Erin and I are going to see Jesus Christ: SUPERSTAR! tonight. Erin’s former coworker Jennifer “Q” Cuevas is playing Mary “The Whore” Magdalene (sp?) and I figured “I gotta see this.” It should be a fun time. We saw Q when she was in A Chorus Line a few months ago and it was fun. I think the Grant Thornton Gang will be attending with us.

GMC is again flying to Washington for the weekend. I’m sure we’ll get more updates about the funness quotient of the surrounding restaurants, strip clubs, and women.

To my knowledge, our loan application gets sent to the lender today. We’re hoping for the best, even though Erin was asked for another pay stub and couldn’t provide one because she throws all of them away. While I am a certifiable pack rat, shoving all manner of receipt and proof of purchase in every available nook and cranny of the house, Erin mostly throws away all proof of financial transaction before the week of said transaction is through. So when we went to the mortgage broker I waddled in with far too much paperwork and Erin didn’t seem to have enough. We’ll see how that affects our loan processing.

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14 thoughts on “Bored For A Minute

  1. I opened a bank account today, and they gave me a free paper shredder. Now if someone wants to lift my identity, they’ll need a lot of scotch tape and patience.

    Jen, you little hooker, check out Matt Cook. He’s a poet who teaches at your school.

    Thizzelle, I heard that you TIVoed the in-ring debut of Luther Reigns and that you watch it and touch yourself.

  2. I walked in one day while Scott was pleasuring himself to Hulk Hogan. I couldn’t believe it, but I ran away before he could say anything.

  3. All I know is that I follow the team I grew up watching. Whether they’re good or bad is immaterial for the most part. You think I’m all-of-a-sudden gonna start liking the fucking Giants? Being a Brewers fan means being much put-upon by the rest of the baseball fan community, but at the end of the day I have at least am able to say that I stuck by my team through the bad times. Look at all the Packer fans who still kept going to games to see Don “Fucking” Majkowski in the 80s and 90s. Eventually Brett Favre was bestowed on the fans, and we got a Super Bowl team in the mid-90s. I still hope for a light at the end of tha tunnel.Milwaukee Brewers, your 2015 National League and World Series Champions.

  4. wow…didn’t see that rant comin. i ask cuz i think i recently read that they had the most comebacks victories that year. i was wonderin how far they went….i believe they were AL then. i grew up watching the yanks when they sukt…so i respec your choice. wouldn’t have anything less.

  5. I’d like to be the first to go on the record as saying that it is NOT a good idea to drink scotch on the rocks for 4 hours if you plan on doing anything the next day.

    That is right I am predicting the future…I am not working tomorrow.

  6. I would also like to go on the record saying that I will donate my kidney to Mean Gene Oakerland……..”Former WWE announcer Mean Gene Okerlund is in need of a kidney transplant. If anyone would seriously like to consider being a donor for Mean Gene, please call the University of Minnesota Transplant Center @ 612-625-5115.”

  7. wow, scott, took his razzings in the most even-tempered manner I’ve ever seen anyone take the raspberries on Nice work: now I feel bad for saying it, and I’m NOT going to add the palnned addition that he bumps the new Fat Joe while commiting “the act”

    Hennan should give up a kidney. Or maybe they should implant a kidney bean and see if that works.

  8. what the fuck buffalo bill, you advertise national fucking coverage for the fucking yankees/red sox game & all i have is goddamned power fucking rangers on my tv. so i says ok, fuck it. i’ll watch it on a webcast. whats this…fucking fox has blacked out all mlb games until 7pm pst. great, just fucking great. the biggest rivalry in sports is being blacked out for mother fucking power rangers. you sons of bitches. whoever pulled this shit…i wish bad luck upon thee for the rest of your life. you cocksucking mother fuckers in your fucking offices. what the fuck are guys thinking. good fucking ratings call asswipe. die fox die.

    pissed off as all hell from cali,

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