Compile Time Saturday

Last night we went to a screening of Jesus Christ Superstar! at the Sunnyvale Community Center. Like I said previously, our friend Q played Mary Magdalene in the show. While this may make me seem backwards and dumb, I have to admit that I’d never seen the whole thing before. I had seen various scenes and excerpts from the show, and I’d definitely heard most of the songs, but I’d never heard them in the context of the whole show. I was thoroughly entertained, and now I’d like to see the DVD of the movie. Don’t worry everyone, Zach won’t be converting to Southern Baptist anytime soon.

Well, I guess the Madd Scientist is on his way out. He’s sold his living room set already. He’s also selling his futon and his whazz machine. Our house is slowly emptying out.

I guess Casperson drank a quart of scotch last night. We haven’t heard from him this morning yet, so I guess he’s still sleeping. Or maybe he’s at the foosball game. I’m sure we’ll hear something eventually.

Still no word on the home loan yet. Gotta admit I’m getting nervous, but we have a meeting with Lucinda (our realtor) scheduled on Monday to go over the various inspections and maybe some more disclosures. Hopefully by then we’ll have word on the rate and terms of the loan.

–oop, my code is finished compiling. I’m gonna head out for now. Tonight I think we’re gonna go see Mr. 3000. Movie review when we’re done, possibly.

–whazz on

4 thoughts on “Compile Time Saturday

  1. Big Show! What’s up dude? You know you made your triumphant return to Smackdown last week right? In doing so, you single-handedly beat up every single Smackdown wrestler… at the same time. Good for you!

  2. You know why I never post about poker anymore? Cuz you all don’t care, so I’m sparing the details? No. Cuz I found something better to do with my time? No. I never post because I never win anymore. Example: I enter a 260man multi-table at 12:00am. Top ten pays. Two and a half hours later, I am tired, angry and want to whip an egg at god’s face because I got 11th place for 0$. 1st place gets 1000$. 11th gets 0$, the same amount as 99th and 260th. Zero. Zeeeeeeeeeeerrroooooooo. I don’t know what is going on. Ever since the main draw, I’ve been losing, and not just losing: LOSING, taking it in the ass in every conceivable manner, in ways that defy logic. Mean Gene, take my kidney. Take em both.

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