Wow. Kansas. Wow.

Since Friday we’ve been hangin and bangin in Salina, Kansas. We’re in town for Erin’s stepbrother Mark’s wedding. We took the red-eye Thursday night into Kansas City (which some people may not realize is not in Kansas) and then drove 3+ hours to Salina. Lots of farmland. Flat farmland. I thought Wisconsin was the king of farmland, but now I realize it is merely a duke or a count. Possibly not even in the court.

The wedding was awesome. It was held in a church that was converted into a blues concert hall/recording studio. Mark worked there for several years and it was (and still is) a big part of his life. During the ceremony there were three performances (one of them a surprise) by some great blues musicians. One would think that the blues are not particularly suited to weddings, but the songs were fantastic and I had a really good time. I’m looking to buy a CD of Harry Hypolite. Harry also played at the reception, and it was great.

Don’t ever eat at Coach’s Sports Bar in Salina. They do have PBR on tap, though.

I got a great voice mail from Ewaz last night. He’s 29 years old now (older than Springer!) and he was drunko at the Irish Pub. Timmer’s cell phone cut out when he was trying to tell me his birthday whazz score, so I can’t report on that just yet. It sounds like he had fun. He reported that he was sad that “you, your fucking wife, GMC, and the MAAAAADD scientist” couldn’t be there to share the fun and excitement. HAPPY BIRFDAY, EWAZ!

Packers play Indy today, and I took them +6. I hope they rebound after last week’s embarassment against the Bears. I guess we’re going to some special Packer bar in the middle of Kansas to watch the game, which should be great.

I haven’t heard anything since the Century Club supposedly went down in California, but I got a voice mail from Judd to call him. I’m gonna call after I save this to see what happened.

About it for now. Free wireless access in your hotel room is great.

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