Yo Wirkuswhazz and anyone else who is interested in Scrabble: check out this interesting Flash movie. It’s 8 minutes long and somewhat insane. It delves into the magical mystery that is the Triple-Triple of “CRAZIEST”. I’d be interested to hear your (or anyone’s) comments on it. Post below.

5 thoughts on “Craziest

  1. the scheduled album won’t be out til november 23rd. its supposed to not be laid out fully yet, but rumor has it that it will come out earlier cuz of bootleggers. ‘just lose it’ is a pretty fun little single. i highly recommend it. haven’t seen the video yet though.

  2. Thizz,

    Yes there were lots of hos. Lots and lots and lots of hos. Some kewt, some simply hos. The hotel I work at (a new one in Milwaukee) is real nice, and Im pretty sure the sales lady who set this up is going to get a a stern talking too cuz the hos were everywhere gabbing on their cell phones, sass talkin the other guests, flaunting their titties, ect…

  3. I liked the scrabble movie ok. The style of it all, shit flying all around all the time, was a bit unnerving, but an interesting yarn.

    Last night I busted jessi with my first bingo in ages (spending) , but overall I’ve been losing a lot.

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