My Tendency To Swear, Put To Good Use

The Rude Pundit puts words in Kerry’s mouth for this evenings debate. Oh how I wish that politics were more like this, and less like “Kerry voted to increase taxes 250,000,000 times in one weeeeeek! Your children are going to diiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!” I’ve excerpted a bit below, but I encourage you to go read the whole thing; it is that damn good.

If, at tonight’s “town hall debate,” when Kerry is asked, “What did you mean in the last debate by ‘global test’?”, he doesn’t answer, “You have got to be motherfucking kidding me, ma’am. That’s like asking Martin Luther King if he wipes his ass properly. That’s like asking an Iraqi child with his arms blown off by American bombs if he’s happy that Saddam’s gone. You wanna know what’s going on here? You have snorted from the Bush stash. That little bitch hunched on his stool over there has taken two words of mine and thinks he can disembowel me with them. Hey, you stuttering prick, considering your glowing academic career, no fuckin’ wonder you’re scared shitless of anything that has the word ‘test’ in it. ‘Global motherfucking test’ means that you can go anywhere in the goddamn world and talk to any fuckin’ person, and you can back your actions up. You can say, ‘Hey, look, we were right – motherfucker was gonna bomb the shit out of us.’ That means you could walk up to a screaming, bleeding soldier, whose dick was ripped off by a rocket-propelled grenade, and say, ‘You know what, man? Sorry about your cock, but you just helped stop the U.S.A. from bein’ nuked.’ That way, when that soldier is back home, lookin’ at the empty space where his dick used to be, he can be proud that he lost his prick savin’ the U.S. So that that soldier never has to think, ‘Why the fuck was I sent to that motherfuckin’ hellhole to lose my cock?’

fuck yeah

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8 thoughts on “My Tendency To Swear, Put To Good Use

  1. Last night Jesus and I had an educational Milwaukee evening. We saw a show, “Haunted Castle” at the Imax (weird – somewhat disconcerting), and then ate a fish fry (if it’s Friday night in Milwaukee, where else would we be?). Then we watched the debate. I wanted to smack down a couple of those bitches – that asshole who asked about tort reform (Please, God – I know we haven’t talked much lately, but my life doesn’t need to be complicated by federal reforms to the already confusing world of tort law. You understand, God – most of the intros to new topics in my tort class begin with the prof saying something like yesterday: if you are confused and worried about the doctrine of privity limitation in tort law – good start.), and that dumb bitch who doesn’t understand the Constitutionality of abortion law. It brings me back to my time with Kohl when a nice older bigoted gentlemen called in and said: “Freedom of speech – whaddya gonna do?”

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