Holy crapola was I kicked in the shitter yesterday. My office pool football picks went down in flames and my cash money bets drove off the side of a cliff. Man, Oakland doesn’t just suck. They fucking suck. It came to mind at the beginning of the second half that I lost a lot of money on their opening game of last season when they committed some record number of penalties. Yesterday’s game was not very much different. Fucking OAK could have won the game if not for having every play garnering more than 10 yards called back because some fat fuck lineman couldn’t keep from holding someone. Anyways, the only game I won was the DET +7 vs ATL. Look below the fold for my full list of games this weekend.

SEA -7 vs. ST.L LOST
ARI +1 vs. SF LOST
MIA +765 vs. NE LOST
DET +7 vs. ATL WON

Here are the plays for tonight’s game. I felt bad betting against the Packers, but I just didn’t feel it this week. I hope I lose the bet.

TEN +3 vs. GB ???

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