A House = Ours

Well, today is the day. I have received the house keys, mail key, and garage door openers to Erin and Zachery Moneypenny’s First Home. GLEE! Tonight will commence The Move, as I start to take all of the stuff I’ve already boxed up over to the new place and get it out of our former game room at the current house. The tentative schedule to move the furniture is Sunday morning, as that is the only time that our generously generous (and free) assistants would be available. Appliances are being delivered on Saturday. DirecTV (with NFL Sunday Ticket!) is being installed next Wednesday. By next weekend we might actually be moved! Holy shit!

I’m trying to figure out the best way to give you all a view of the new place. Since some bastards stole my digital camera while I was in Madison last year over the holidays, I can’t snap any pictures that way. Maybe I can borrow GMC’s camera for a short time once we have all the furniture moved in. If not, I’ll take some 35mm pics and just get some digital copies when I get them developed. Yee-haw.

Wiggity-wiggity-wiggity. z-dog’s out this bitch.

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6 thoughts on “A House = Ours

  1. Hellooooo MoneyPenny!
    First of all congrats on the new pad. I’m sure you and Erin will become frequent diners at the brit in Almaden.Great Place. Remember when you moved to San Jose, that was the first place I told you to go to. What the fuck was I thinking? =)

    Moving into a house you can call your own is fabulous. I’m still not used to having my own place. The mortagage payments might come as a shock the first few months but you’ll totally get used to it. You’ll also be super anal with your shit. I fucking vaccum twice a week. Its wierd. You’ll just see that u care about your new place times ten since you own it.

    Anyways, congrats again and hopefully you’ll have a party up in that bitch so I can come see it. Peace.

  2. Dude, congrats… I’m getting drunk off my ass for ya! Julie and I chicken-shitted out of trying to buy a place 6 months ago, so nice work to you and Erin.

    Hey, so for real? is Madd Scientist really a patient at the looney bin? mann, I want to hear the story that got him admitted. It must be *crazy*

  3. 1. Madd is at Mendota? WTF????
    2. CONGRATULATIONS HOUSE OWNERS!!!! You have achieved a new level of maturity.
    3. Speaking of levels of maturity, I think I’m unconsciously making the transition to the “easy listening late 20s early 30s” demographic. I love the R&B station Jammin 98 almost more than V100, and I listened to Luther’s “This House is Not a Home” 7 times in a row this morning. As a wipe a nostalgic tear from my eye, I sigh: we’re getting old.

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