The Final Day (Maybe?)

Well, as of this morning, we’re supposed to get our keys today. Now, I can’t let myself get too excited about the posibility of closing on our home because I thought the same thing on Tuesday and found out at 11:30am that we wouldn’t be closing at 5pm. Then at 3:30pm on Tuesday I found out we wouldn’t be able to close on Wednesday either. The reason? Well, it turns out the county records office is closed the second wednesday of every month. Jesus.

But things should be ready to go for tonight. Then all the crap will be over, and we can start moving into the new place. Sweet.

More to come.

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7 thoughts on “The Final Day (Maybe?)

  1. 1. First

    2. Wonder what they do on their special Wednesday?

    3. I had Netflix send me Backlash last night. I didn’t jizz in my pants over the Orton/Foley match, but I did like the show as a whole and during a Eugene segment (Eugene is a “special” wrestler…) I had a minor epiphany concerning my enjoyment of professional wrestling, specifically a defense mechanism that allows me to keep on enjoying it despite a never ending string of bad ideas: every now and then wrestling does something really fucking stupid like introduce Eugene into the mix. Now if a non-wrestling fan sees you watching wrestling and Eugene is on the non-wrestling fan will think to themselves, holy shit, this is dumb and you are “special” for watching it. What they don’t know is that when stupid shit like Eugene is on I’m ignoring it. I have no comment, and soon enough wrestling will discover it was a bad idea and it will go away and the revisionist historians at the WWE will erase the blunder and move on to something else which might be funny or interesting or at the very least an inch more tasteful.

  2. 1. What is going on with the Madd Scientist? Does he still live in CA? 2. I went to a Public Interest Law Society meeting today for the free lunch (yes, Virginia, sometimes there is such a thing as a free lunch – well, not really); the price was that I had to sit around for 45 minutes and listen to these assholes talk about how rewarding it is to litigate on behalf of old, poor and homeless people or consumers. The most surreal part of the panel discussion, as I ate my Jimmy John’s mini sub (I really wanted to take three, but I only took two, because I didn’t want to blow my cover) was when the first guy stood up and said: “A lot of people don’t like us [public interest lawyers], like courts, prosecutors and other lawyers. (then, dramatically as he was speaking, his voice broke)…because we make a difference.” I was so scared that he was going to cry. It was really crazy. Luckily, as a former 2-year public servant, I have no illusions whatsoever about the public. Public be damned, I became a lawyer so that I could buy beautiful shoes, not starve for the sake of my silly conscience.

    The End.

  3. 1. The Madd Scientist is currently trundling around Wisconsin. Last time I heard he was staying at the Mendota Hospital for the Insane on the shores of beautiful Lake Mendota. No, really, he is. Ask Wirkuswhazz. He visited him there.
    2. Goddammit Jen, you are a Democrat. You should be uplifting the poor, not using your power for new footwear.

  4. for real? is Madd Scientist really a patient there? mann, I want to hear the story that got him admitted. It must be genius… or *crazy*

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