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Sorry about the light posting schedule, but I still don’t have any internet access from home and work has been quite busy while we make the push to MR. I’m hoping to get the home internet access set up this evening, and then I’ll be able to (wirelessly!) post to just like in the good ol’ days in San Mateo.

The unpacking is going well. The downstairs (kitchen, dining room, and living room) is almost completely unpacked, and the master bedroom is coming along nicely. The office is a disaster of boxes, and the 3rd room (I like to call it the ~MYSTERY ROOM~) is just filled with all the boxes we have no other place for. We still haven’t gone grocery shopping yet so the cupboard is bare, though I do have liquor. Sometimes at night I like to eat a Krispy Kreme doughnut hole and wash it down with some Crown Royal. Yum to the tum. In unrelated news, my stomach hurts.

Our DirecTV system is being hooked up tomorrow morning. I’ll retroactively add a “hopefully” to that last statement since it’s been raining like fuck all since last night and the forecast for the next five days is more of the same. I think the DirecTV install man will be hesitant to climb on top of a roof in howling winds and driving rain. They aren’t postmen, after all.

More news when it becomes available, and I’m still looking to get some pictures up here.

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  1. Dude, i got the stupid directTV people at my house last week and first of all they came over at 7 fucking AM. Second of ALL, they said I can’t get Direct TV because my house faces the wrong way. I call bullshit. They could go on the roof. Even though my place is 4 stories, they can run a wire. That dumbass was too lazy. All i wanted was the TIVO/NFL ticket package. Now i’m stuck with comcast digital doo doo poop.

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