Does Anyone Have A 24 Foot Ladder?

Well, the 7am-9am window for DirecTV installation has come and gone, and I’m no closer to watching television than I am to touching God’s robes. It’s one goddamned thing after another with this shit. The new problem: the box where all of the tv cables connect at our new home is in the front(north side) of the house. The dish must be mounted on the back (southern-facing) of the house. The cables do not run through the attic, so there’s no access to them. The install guy didn’t have a ladder long enough to mount the dish on the roof. There was a north-westerly wind. I had blue eyes instead of brown. Jesus christ, who do I have to fuck to watch a Packer game around here?!

So the install is being rescheduled to try and get “the guy with the 24 foot ladder” out to the house to try again. Fuck.

In other, better news I got internet access working at home now. So I guess while we’re sitting around watching Rugrats on VHS tapes I can at least check the score of the game on Erin’s Passion Party is on Saturday so we have to get the rest of the house unpacked and shoved in a closet before a gaggle of shrieking women stampede in to place orders for 2 foot vibrators and such.

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  1. No beef tip receipe with me sorry.

    Jen, madd is back in cali. He was visiting rachel, who is working at Mendota.

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