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Today after the Badger game was over me, Judd, Scott, Matt, and Brian went over to the middle school by Scott’s old place in Santa Clara. They have a football field/track over there and we played some Two-Hand Touch 2-on-2 football with one person floating. Final score was Me/Brian 50, Judd/Scott 24 with Matt floating between both teams. I hope next time we can get 3-on-3 or even 4-on-4. It was sweet to be playing touch football again, as that was what me and brother played growing up on Flett Avenue. Lightpost-to-lightpost? Hell yeah. Dan McClure was the shit; if he got his hands on the ball he was gone. That dude had a major crush on the Niners.

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  1. Actually, I believe it was Chris Pinnow that said “What’s that smell??” but Dan turned it into a local catchphrase of sorts. My brother had an amazing propensity to poop in places that weren’t a toilet back then.

  2. aargh…i didn’t have me cleats on that fare day.

    in other news, judd started out the game looking like brett favre. 2 for 2. yeah thats right, 2 interceptions on 2 attempts.

  3. Dude, Scott, you bobbled or dropped a bunch of passes too. Don’t be blaming everything on Judd. And I was able to cover you fine without cleats. Your’e just bitchin because a couple of handsome lads like us whooped your ASS in touch football.

  4. it was more of a shot at brett favre than judd. we all threw INT’s that day, judd just got his out the way quick. his gazelle like quickness is vital for a W.

  5. I never got to play football or the famous churchball, I just had to sit on the side lines and watch…Dan was cute though, so it was worth it.

  6. Another comment to make Zach, I don’t know if mom told you but I’m on her crazy bowling team now, and I’m going to state with them and this year it’s in Madison, I’m really excited. I’ll be 21, so I’m sure we will have fun. Shopping and drinking!

  7. Holy crap. Good luck with that, Ashely. I bowled the other night, but I had drunk half a bottle of rum and so I was pretty not good. I think I bowled in the high 70s or something. GMC would have confirm a score, because I can’t even approximate.

  8. Heellloooo!!!!

    I’m like totolly “in” for some fag footballzzzz! I really prefer the Tight End, but I’m swingingly good at Wide Receiver toooo!!!

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