Sweet Home Cinncinati

Thank god Cincy came through tonight. I was hit pretty hard this weekend due mainly to the fact that I didn’t trust Tucker Max’s judgement on a few plays and either didn’t play them at all (Arizona ML) or played them for less than he did (Miami ML). The result was that a lot of my money was on losing plays (holy shit, those 3.5 points that Atlanta laid against KC were off the mark). The winning plays that would have at least broke me even for the weekend were the ones I passed on. So when Tucker threw up his pick for tonight (Cincy +7 4 units) I just shrugged, bet with it, and left work to hit the gym with Judd.

Well, it was touch and go for awhile, but that win helps my bankroll to recover from the weekend. Shouts to Tucker and the rest of the message board. An unhealthy new obsession of mine is to read their thoughts on handicapping and betting. Of course, the amount of money I’m putting up is considerably less than they, me being a broke new homeowner and all. But having $10 on the game makes Buffalo v. Baltimore a little more exciting than it typically would be. I’m up approximately 6 units thus far, including bets on NFL, MLB, and NCAAF.

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  1. You’re betting based on Tucker Max? That seems sorta tardish to me, but it’s your money…

    belated 1st…

  2. His messageboard is moderated by a pro. Tucker himself seems to make a tidy profit each year. Do you think I would cast my lot with some schmoe in the gutter? Don’t answer that.

  3. A pro what? Maybe tucker is good, but I read his picks last year and they seemed like a lot of moneyline picks. Sure you can win a tidy profit off moneyline picks if they hit, they are sorta like yo bets, but they are an overall difficult way to make a long term profit. Last year he also seemed to make a lot of plays along the lines of “I just lost 3 in a row so Ill quadruple my next bet to make up all the loses”.

    I dont know. Football is tough. Ive only made a few bets this year cuz I better like my chances playing pokerroom.com with my friends NuTmEaT, scurvy69, toadkilla, et al.

  4. Here’s the scoop: a good friend of mine is presently in Monroe doing a story on their efforts to train in case there is a SARS outbreak. When this good and anonymous friend of mine told me, I said: what idiots. Doesn’t everyone know SARS ended over a year ago? My friend says: Well, you’d think so, but according to the guy I’m about to interview, there are 2 Chinese restaurants in Monroe. He said that it could happen: Somebody comes over from China, gets off the plane at O’Hare and the next thing you know there’s a SARS outbreak in Green County.

    whazzmaster.com: you heard it here first.

  5. 1. Wirkus: I can explain it to you on the phone, but a short form is this: the pro guy on Tucker’s message board (SqueekyClean) is mostly a contrarian bettor, which is a little different style than Tucker was working last year (from what I read). I don’t want to sound like I know what I’m talking about because I don’t. I’m trying to pick this shit up as I go, which is why I didn’t stake anywhere near a lot of money. I just threw some into account and said “When it’s gone, it’s gone. How far can I go?” My suggestion would be to go to this forum and have a read through some of the threads.
    2. Jen: SARS? What the fuck are you talking about? Those fuckers should be training to keep away all the GOoPers trying to disenfranchise people at the polls.

  6. This is exactly what I was talking about with tucker:

    First he posts this:


    Then, a week later, he posts this:

    “Then I chased a few losses with that fucking huge Tennessee bet. That was such an amateur move, I have forbade myself from betting NCAA this week. I can live with the ND bet, but adding 10 units to Tenn was so dumb, I am just beside myself with anger. I couldn’t even calculate my standings until right now.”

    Not cool.

    As far as the squeaky guy goes, he has some solid advice, but his thoughts on parlays and hedging are wayyyyyyy off. To bet on sports and not use these weapons in foolish, like playing blackjack with out double downs or splits. Parlays and hedges allow you to get your money in when you have the best of it. I agree that teasers are yo bets, but parlays are great. Hedges done wrong and too often will kill you but down with a knowledge of math and while paying close attention to detail allow for situations where you can’t lose, situations where at the worst, you win 2 units and at the best win 8. Another inteseting way to bet, esp if you have a small bankroll, is ‘If” bets”.

  7. 1. Next Oprah: Married, Cheating and Gay.

    I love being a student. Fuck tort law.

    2. Mrs. Moneypenny: last night when you said “an employment at will contract can be terminated by either party at any time,” I thought to myself: Self, you better get off your lazy ass and add that to your notes. I was so impressed!!!! Now what happens when the contract induces reliance??? What do you think about that, smartypants? (No, really – I need to know the answer).

  8. Holy living turd-eaters: Jen, is my wife coming to you for lawyering advice?! I sure hope we make our martgage payment this month.

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