The Work Halloween Party

The work Halloween party was today. I won first prize in the Scariest Costume portion. The prize? A 4GB iPod Mini. Judd won for Funniest Costume. See the pics at left from the moblog for more. Awesome.

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  1. I think I will definitly have to tell mom to log on and see her son. Those are great! She will be proud.

  2. Judd looks like the reincarnation of the man in this news story…(just in case you were feeling reminiscent about good ole Wisco):

    SPITE LED WOMAN TO DIG UP BOYFRIEND’S REMAINS, BEER (I swear that is the real title from USA Today)

    PORTAGE, Wis. (AP) — A woman has been arrested for digging up her dead boyfriend’s ashes from a cemetery more than 10 years ago and drinking the beer that was buried with him, possibly out of spite for his family, authorities say.
    Karen Stolzmann, 44, was charged Tuesday with concealing stolen property, in a case Columbia County Detective Wayne Smith calls “twisted and bizarre.”

    Sheboygan County District Attorney Joe De Cecco said Thursday he would determine if additional charges should be filed in his county since the urn was found at Stolzmann’s Sheboygan home.

    Michael Hendrickson, 27, died in 1992 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. His family contacted authorities three weeks ago when they discovered his remains had been stolen.

    An exhumation revealed Hendrickson’s cremated remains — along with beer and cigarettes that were buried with him — were missing from Cambria Cemetery in Cambria.

    Detectives searched Stolzmann’s home and found her hiding in the shower. The remains, located in her garage, had “identifiable things to make us believe they’re (Hendrickson’s),” Smith said.

    Detective Jay Yerges said Stolzmann and Hendrickson were living together in the early 1990s, while they were both married to other people. The relationship was stormy, with a pattern of alcohol and domestic abuse, he said.

    Stolzmann was present when Hendrickson shot himself in January 1992. Yerges said Hendrickson’s family blamed her for his death and she was not invited to his services.

    “I feel that her motive was spite,” Yerges said.

    Robbing graves is a felony offense, but the six-year statute of limitations has passed for prosecution. There may be a way to prosecute because the alleged theft was only recently discovered, Yerges said.

  3. I would pay good money to know what she was thinking when she was hiding in the damn shower from the police searching her house.

  4. Hi Guys!

    Long time no post. Anywho, Judd – I talked to the HR people today, and I can definitely set Alise (sp?) up with an interview this week. Do you guys know if she’ll be around on Wednesday? We’ve got a couple interviews happening on Wednesday already. Plus, I can take her out for a really nice lunch and run it through! Let me know what her cell phone number is if you get a chance. It’ll be awesome.

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