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Here is my requisite plea to the entire populace of please get out tomorrow (Tuesday) and vote. If you are in Wisconsin, then you can register at the polls, if you are in California and haven’t registered yet, then I’m sorry. I am typically of the “my vote doesn’t count” pessimism, but this year, this time it will. The Bush campaign is getting ready to cast a cloud of illegitimacy on this election, and even if you are in a solid Blue state (such as California) we need every vote we can, nationwide, to say confidently that John Kerry won the popular vote.

My personal reasons for a Kerry vote start with Bush’s lies and failures and end with Kerry’s record. Though I liked Howard Dean in the primaries, I stand behind Kerry one hundred percent. He stands for what I believe is right, and will not cower or flee from the specter of terrorism.

I could go on for pages and pages, but since not one thing would change any of my friends’ minds at this point I will simply say again to get thee to a polling place tomorrow and participate in democracy. The high water mark for voter participation (nationwide) was 61.9% in 1964; from there it has declined to just over 50% by the 2000 election. No matter who wins (though believe me I want Kerry with all my heart) I’d wish to see the day when our country could motivate 90% of its populace to go take advantage of one of the few absolute guarantees we have in this country.

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15 thoughts on “Please Vote

  1. Kerry is the obvious choice for this election. I did like Dean during the primaries but I still believe Kerry will do a much better job than Bush. We can do better and I’m glad that I haven’t moved to Cali yet so my vote in Wisconsin means everything at this point.

  2. I’ve been telling everybody that hope is on the way. My mom is on a campaign in our neighborhood to get someone to put up the big Kerry sign she has (there are already two in our yard – one was spray painted orange).


  3. I put $40 on Kerry +111 for the election. So, I did put my money where my mouth is. I’ll be voting tomorrow. The End Is Within Sight.


  4. I’m sick of motherfucks calling me, e-mailing me and accosting me on the street with their pleas to vote: fuck you all. I am not a goddamned retard. Yes, I am voting for Kerry, but I have to say the only thing that even makes me consider voting for Bush is all these pro-kerry fuckwads that keep bugging me. Sheesh… leave me alone.

  5. Just kidding!!!! I love voting and would never make love to Rico!!!!! I went topsy-turvey on you!!!!! I tricked you!!!!!!!!

  6. okaaaaaay…so u guys are voting for the president. congrats. do u have any clue about anything else on the ballot including local stuff (besides jenh of course)? o, ok, good for u guys. now what about the millions of new uneducated fucks voting on countless issues…but hey, at least they know who they want to be president cuz thats how their favorite celeb told them to vote. go dum america! no complaints from me who’ll be prez.

  7. We’re sending Gwen Moore to Congress to kick ass and take names. Watch out Washington, a former Welfare mom is coming to getcha.

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