Oh, You’re Wrong? And Voting For Bush? Surprise, surprise!

[November 2, 2004 07:51 AM] by thizzelle
great, the democrats are already cheating in pennsylvania.

Actually the Republican poll thugs didn’t know what they were looking at. What a surprise. They maintained that the machine had votes from a previous election in it before today. Actually, the counter merely displays the total number of times that machine had ever been used in an election.

This is the only way that the GOP can win, by throwing out valid votes and suing their way to victory. Always remember that, the more people that vote, the less chance the Republicans have to win. It is an untendable position for the GOoPers: Democrats want everyone to vote, Republicans want as many people as possible to stay home or be disenfranchised. Why do Republicans hate America?

Right now Bush is on MSNBC stressing that he wants everyone to get out and vote. His party sure has a funny way of showing that attitude.

I’m off in a few to vote. I’ll update with my experiences once I get to work.

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12 thoughts on “Oh, You’re Wrong? And Voting For Bush? Surprise, surprise!

  1. who said i was voting for bush? u must be stuck in a 2 party/option system. thats too bad.

  2. If you vote for a third party, or some crazy Californian fourth party retard offshoot, then you’ve just voted for Bush, you braindead idiot.

    Good question: why DO the GOPers hate America? Who is R.C. voting for?

  3. While a vote for a 3rd party is really kind of half a vote for Bush (Kerry would go from +1 to 0, while Bush would stay at 0), I’d agree that if you don’t like Bush, voting for a third party candidate is pretty stupid in this election, unless you’re in a state where Kerry has no chance in winning. I wouldn’t even risk it in a “blue” state.

  4. good thing i’m not registered to vote. hey zach, what color is our state? did i just waste a vote or vote for kerry or bush by accident? o dear. vote no on prop 34!

  5. help me with the colors somebody. please! i’m colorblind. does my vote count or not. Lord help us all.

  6. You’re joking is extremely funny, thizelle. I think it’s hilarious. Oops, Bush just drafted you! Bye, bye, hope you like North Korea!

  7. No, I’m voting for Kerry for a myriad of reasons. It’s fucking important, and you need to realize this even if you choose to play no part in its outcome. Mocking someone else for wanting to vote and be heard is not only the most unpatriotic position I can think of, but it also lessens your opinions on other subjects if you would take such an undefensable position such as that.

  8. Who gives a shat why Zach is voting for Kerry, he has the right to choose for any given reason be it “just becuz of the draft” or not and otherwise. I know an overwhelming number of people that are voting Bush “just becuz of the pro-life issue” so it’s really coming down to what people hold dear to them.

    Vote like your life depends on it (Shepherd Dexpress V. 25 I. 44. The possibility of a draft is one hell of a possible life or death situation.

  9. i gots no problem with ya’ll voting. have at it. i guess i’ll just keep my jokes to myself. u guys seem very serious about this. just don’t forget there’s more to voting than just for a president.

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