Voting Experience

Looooong lines at the polling place today. Got here at about 10:15am and I’ve moved about 5 feet in the last 15 minutes. There doesn’t seem to be much complaining, though I’ve heard some people say that they may have to leave because they have to get back to work. I haven’t seen many people come out of the polling place, so I don’t really know what the holdup is.

Almost to the front door of the polling station. I’ve spent the last half hour itermittently reading Paul Krugman’s The Great Unraveling. A great book to read in short spurts; it really solidifies to me why I’m voting Bush out of office today. He lies, he lies, and then he lies some more, and the SCLM doesn’t hesitate to regurgitate everything they hear without comment. No one that I have seen has left the line so far.

The woman in front of me was talking to two of the phys ed teachers at the school here. They were imploring her to vote for Measure J, which must be a local measure about the school district. The teachers said that if it doesn’t pass a good portion of the school’s grounds would be sold off. I guess if it passes they will be able to make improvements to the track and field out back.

Weather is good, and I’ve been able to snap a few pictures of the line outside. Take a look at the moblog to see them.

Go Kerry!


Just got out of the polling station. They didn’t have me down as registered for that place, but I explained that I had moved after the California registration deadline. Basically, I just had to provide my new and old addresses and I was able to fill out a provisional ballot. All told I was at the polling place for a litle over an hour, a short wait to do my duty as an American. It felt real good.

The reason that I want so badly to get my vote counted in a state as Blue as California is that, should Kerry win at least 270 electoral votes, he needs a clear mandate in terms of the popular vote in order to stem off any Republican legal (and rhetorical) attacks at his presidency, so while Cali’s electoral votes are not necessarily in doubt I want to make sure that our popular totals swell the overall count for the Dems.


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4 thoughts on “Voting Experience

  1. I was happy to do my civic duty along side my wife and the majority of the octogenarians that live in my neighborhood…I think the reason it took me 55 minutes start to finish (54 minutes, 49 seconds of waiting, 11 seconds voting) was because someone must have broken a hip at the front of the line. But it was all worth it to see so many people exercising their right to vote. I personally will be glued to the television watching exit polls and praying for a decisive Kerry victory for the rest of the evening.

  2. Early exit polls show Kerry up in Wisco and Florida. These polls are not that reliable, but coupled with Kerry’s lead in the early-voting states is good news at least.

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