Apparently I’m Not

Gonna take it easy on the Politics for awhile, as it seems to be grating on peoples’ nerves. So instead I’ll turn to something that has been annonying me over the last few weeks.

WWE has been doing another season of Tough Enough, but since they don’t get any time on MTV anymore, they just have an episode of Tough Enough in the middle of Smackdown! on Thursdays. So you have a bunch of kids being trained in the ring during the show.

My opinion: I would pissed the hell off if I paid for a ticket to Smackdown and a quarter (or even an eighth) of the time was spent watching 8 dudes do push-ups in the middle of the ring. Boring. As. Fuck. I’m annoyed already that I have to watch dudes doing push-ups on TV for 15-30 minutes.

–do 8 whazz-ups, you worthless punk!

4 thoughts on “Apparently I’m Not

  1. Believe me, so would I, and hopefully I’ll still be able to. I think the new Latest Coments will help people start posting topically to each thread. Then I can start doing Open Threads for those that just want to yell at each other. I dunno, maybe it’ll work and maybe it won’t. I guess we’ll just have to see.

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