Football Open Thread

My bets today:

Arizona +3 at Miami 1 unit won
Chicago +9 at New York Giants 1 unit won
New England at St. Louis +2 1 unit lost
Houston +6.5 at Denver 1 unit lost
Houston ML +244 1 unit lost
Houston/Denver OVER 41.5 1 unit won
Kansas City at Tampa Bay +3 2 units won
Cleveland +6.5 at Baltimore 1 unit lost

update: well, my afternoon plays all sucked balls. i’m going to record the outcomes now, because i don’t see Houston overcoming a 4 touchdown deficit in one quarter.

update ii: up two units for the day, i think i’m gonna let it ride on contrarian Cleveland play. I think the public may be sucking Jamal Lewis’ dick here. Who’s to say his mind isn’t on getting raped in the shower this off-season.

update iii: way to go Browns, you suck. i am fully with the announcers here: that tight end should be making that catch. there was minimal, if any, PI on they play. garcia sucks, and that tight end sucks. game over. at least I ended the day up 1 unit.

–betting 1 whazz to win 2.44 whazzes

8 thoughts on “Football Open Thread

  1. Dayum, Pittsburgh is whoppin ass early on Philly. I picked Pitt in my pool but didn’t put money on them. Example one of why Zach will never be a professional gambler.

  2. 1. I guess Oak +9 was an incredible value, but I couldn’t put any money on Oak after all the times they’ve fucked me over the last two years.
    2. Pitts up 21-2 over Philly now. Holy hell.
    3. Tampa’s doing well, and since they’re my big bet this week I guess that’s good.

  3. This post has nothing to do with football and for that I am sorry. I went to Central High School in MN and UW-Madison and have ben trying to track down my friend Cory Tennison. I saw him on one of your posts and was hoping you still had his info.
    Again i apologize for the randomness but if you do nkow where he is, could you pass this email on to him?
    Thanks Zach!

  4. Hmm, Rachel R, looking back over the archives, it looks like Cal (Zack) Hedling was talking to Aaron O’Neil about Cory Tennison. I don’t know anything about such a person myself. Perhaps if Cal or O’Neil would be so kind as to expound on good ol’ Cory, they could do that.

  5. Thanks Zachery!
    And if that happens to be the same Zac Hedling that also went to Central then we used to be neighbors and I was good friends with his sister Nora. That’s cool! Hopefully Zac and Aaron still use this blog and can help me out. In the meantime I thank you for letting me post very non-football related messages on your whazzmaster site.
    You ROCK! RR

  6. Wow, Houston had an amazingly shitty day here. At the very least they scored that TD to complete the OVER play for me. I thought the game was going to be high-scoring, but close. Shows how much I know. But if Chicago holds on (they’re up 28-14 now and they’re still getting 9 points) I will be up on the day and can get back to trying to pay for my dumb election prop bet.

  7. RE: My doubt on the contrarian Browns play…Holy fuck, opening kickoff ran back for a score by the Browns. Hell yeah, that’s one way to start a game.

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