Rose Bowl??

Erin and I just had a brainstorm about going to the Rose Bowl, should Wisconsin get the nod. It’s about a 5 hour drive down to LA from up here, so we wouldn’t have to pay for a flight. Erin knows someone that lives down there so we may not have to pay for lodging. Basically we’d just need to get a hold of some tickets to the game itself. I was thinking maybe if some Wisco people wanted to meet out there we could work something out, or if some North Cali people wanted to drive down with us that would be cool, too.

Comments appreciated.

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2 thoughts on “Rose Bowl??

  1. i knew this damn website would come back to haunt me. what about when my children are like: daddy who is the madd scientist and why did you tell him to get in the trunk? anyway rachel i’ll keep your full name anon so you can’t be googled and have WHAZZMASTER pop up so if you ever run for pres you will be ok. anyway. what is up? are you going to be a movie star or what. last i heard you were in la and in movies. be a movie star so i can say i know at least one. cori tennison? no idea. o’neil became a law man at the same time cori did so maybe he knows. moneypenny i might be in for that football game have to look at dates. later, cal AKA ZACK HEDLKING GODDAM GOOGL.E

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