What Caused the Civil War?

Holy hell, Digby has an absolutely awesome post about the trouble we face in gathering the “heartland” vote. It is extremely illuminating in describing the “national mood” felt by the southern states prior to secession from the North. I’ll Long-Story-Short it for you by saying that shortly before the South broke away from the Republic, they held majority power for a long time in the federal government yet complained of the way they were treated by the northern elites. They resented northern values being foisted upon their way of life. Sound familiar?

–Proud that whazzing is a value that the “liberal elite” hold dear.

10 thoughts on “What Caused the Civil War?

  1. “if you are religious, you observe certain strictures on sexual activity”

    Well that’s just bull.

    And I really think there’s a lot more than the “moral majority” in play here. If this country is so polarized morally, how did Clinton get elected twice? And how were his job approval ratings the highest of any president when he left office, even *after* Monicagate?

    I really think most of this country does *not* vote along ideological lines. Bush is where he is because he’s a “good ‘ole boy” while Kerry is “an out of touch elite from New England”. And of course there’s the mass confusion over Iraq-9/11.

  2. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Lincoln was an asshole, and when the South wanted to leave, we should have let them go.

  3. Rachel R., whoever you are: I went to law school with corey, but I did not know him. Zach used to just tell me about him becuase apparently, they were pals. Anyway, you can look him up under the lawyer search on wisbar.org. That should tell you where he is.

  4. You know, I honestly wouldn’t mind a lot of what the fundis claim to represent. While not religious I do care about the welfare of the less fortunate in the our country. I become exasperated when the religious right claims that They are the righteous and only They can help people, and then you get to the punchline and They aren’t so much interested in living pious lives and helping other people than They are about spreading the Word and converting people.It sounds like a social Ponzi scheme, and in part it is. Living a Christian life isn’t so much about living the Bible as it is about recruiting more people into the Christian life. I wish that those involved would see it for what it is: a power grab by those that are using a naive group of people to cement their power base.

  5. 1.i’m going to make an energy bar and call it the power grab! yum eat a POWER GRAB.

    2.jen your jokes are tres stupido. stupido extrodinarre. stupido supreamo.

    3.rachel r. congrats, reunited! o’neil and cori used to break cases together. they’d stay up until dawn trying to crack the case. “cori that evidence is circumstantial! a jury won’t convict!” “No way o’neil!!!” and then o’neil would be like: whoa cori, i didn’t even see that clue that you point out! you were right all along! case closed!

    4.that is all

  6. 5. dammit that was me. all those post fields confuse me. moneypenny are you trying to obsfuscate WM or what. anyway, hello out there.

  7. Obfuscate? The fuck? Where’d you learn a big word like that, Cal? Cause it sure wasn’t in a fucking Bukowski novel.

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