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The previous thread was getting a little lengthy, good job Whazzers! I wish The Old Man was still around. Anyways, tear it up on this thread, I don’t care!

— The Old Man Whazzeth

11 thoughts on “Open Thread

  1. More law school lingo please.

    What do you call those lame-os who brings their books to class using NWA-Pilot certified rolling luggage?

  2. hey wirkus, i called last night becuase i was trying to put together a “mix” compact disc and for you and was having trouble but that’s ok even though you didn’t answer and i know you saw it was me calling and i’m afraid that was the reason you didn’t answer i know o’neil would answer if i called wouldn’t you oneil oh that reminds me i gotta call eroz that damn eroz anyway what did you like from the last cd? also do you like the magnetic fields? how about a magnetic fields mix?

  3. woha silence… moneypenny – greg and i are thinking of going to the horse track on sunday but not bay meadows – some place called golden gate fields in berkeley. bay meadows is down for the season… you should come, we’ll make $$$ and be able to retire. plus you could see our new apt. any interest?

  4. Unfortunately this weekend I’m screwed cause we need to get our old house (where Whazzgiving was last year) ready to turn back over to the landlord. All day Sunday I’ll be doing that. On Saturday I’m going down to Monterey(ay?) to eat Pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Dinner with Erin’s co-workers. Erin and I DO want you guys to come down at some point and check out our new house, though. It’s up the street from a Safeway AND a Pizza Hut… you’d LOVE it!

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