Football Open Thread

Too bad about Wisconsin yesterday. They didn’t just get beat, they got whooped on. Anyways, here are my NFL bets so far today. Depending on the outcome this morning I may add more in the afternoon, but we have to clean the old house today so I may not get the picks on here. On with the show…

Houston +9 at Indianapolis 2 units lost
Pittsburgh -3.5 at Cleveland 1 unit won
Tampa Bay at Atlanta -3.5 2 units won
Seattle at St. Louis +2 2 units won
Cincinnati at Washington -4.5 1 unit lost
Minnesota +4 at Green Bay 2 units won
Carolina +1 at San Francisco 1 unit won
Buffalo +7 at New England 2 units lost
Buffalo ML +291 at New England 2 units lost
Philadelphia at Dallas +6.5 1 unit

Things are looking good so far in the Seattle/St. louis game, and I just switched over to the Atlanta/TB game to see Vick cut a huge run down to the 5 yard line. A bit unsure on the Washington play, I had to sell some points to get the juice down, and Pittsburgh is a pure action play. The squares seem to be all over Pitt but all the online message boards are leaning Browns.

Anyways, I’ll update when I can with results.

update i: While the St. Louis and Atlanta plays were winner, I think it’s gonna even out in the afternoon games as I’m not winning any of them right now. I’m gonna have to think about the play on the night game.

update ii: Packers game is getting close, but Carolina just pulled away from the Niners with under 3 minutes to go. That would be a good way to salvage the afternoon. I’m leaning Bills in the late game… waiting to see what’s going on on the message boards.

update iii: Holy crap. GB wins, but doesn’t cover. The Best of Both Worlds. Carolina also pulled it out. Nice. Still considering my night game pick.

night game update: OK, looks like public is betting heavy on the Pats over at Pinnacle. Since I’m up pretty big already today (at least considering my usual plays) I threw money at Buffalo with the points and straight up. If they can pull it off in the belly of the beast then this day will be huge.

— 1st and Whazz on the Whazz Yard Line

7 thoughts on “Football Open Thread

  1. Holy fuck do the Bills suck tonight. Every time I change channels to the game I see the goddamn Pats coverting another 3rd and long… or else it’s a goddamned touchdown. They can’t stop the run, they can’t stop the pass, and they can’t move the ball. Perhaps they could beat a Pop Warner team, though. And that might go to overtime.

  2. Whazz. Old Man make your presence known. The last time I saw him he told me that an angry constituent called him a limp wristed cock sucker because Kerry conceded the election to Bush. That was nice. It gave me a warm feeling in my cold, dead heart.

  3. I’ll tell you what, that view from Ryan’s place looks pretty freakin’ sweet. Oh wait, that’s mine too….word.

    F the Chiefs of Kansas City.

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