Whazzing This Week

Whazzing will be in short supply this week. I’m in a class at work from 9a-5p every day, and don’t know if I’ll have whazzing time or internet connection. I’m sure you all had interesting weekends, why not tell the rest of us about it.

— Holy whazz I’m hungover right now

22 thoughts on “Whazzing This Week

  1. Hmmmmm… not much to report here. I did have a dream last night involving the following: Moneypenny, Dan “the Advisor” Nevisor, me and a poker tournament on a yacht. Apparently Mr. N was not dead due to a revolutionary new cancer treatment.
    During the poker tournament he wore a set of football shoulder pads loaded with plutonium. I don’t remember much beyond that.

  2. 1. Tomorrow is “Canned Immunity” at the law school. What that means is that if you bring canned goods to class (as if my casebooks aren’t already destroying my back) and the professor calls on you, you put a canned good on your desk and the professor has to either A) counter with his or her own canned good, which means you still have to answer their question; or B) let you not answer the question. Apparently all the canned goods are going to a food pantry here in Milwaukee somewhere. I was like, I reuse my tea bags, do you think I have the kind of cash to throw around giving away canned goods? I’ll just have to suffer with a question; it sucks to be poor.

    2. Nice vacay. I would go there. And I wouldn’t shower once on the whole road trip in pursuit of authenticity when tracing the experience of a real hobo.

  3. Jen H. It sucks to be poor? I don’t believe you. Haven’t you realized that all of us who go to MU are filthy rich?

  4. Here’s a joke: What did one saggy boob say to the other saggy boob? We had better get some support soon or people are going to think we’re nuts!


  5. Here’s a funny story about teabags that only Kyle will probably find funny: I was working a cingular relaunch event (This is a very asian region of Cali) and one of the CEO’s came up to talk to me. So I’m sitting there pretending to care about what he’s saying when a waiter comes up and asks, “Can I teabag either of you gentlemen tonite?” To which I replied very abruptly, “Hell no!” I then remember I’m sitting next to this CEO who is now laughing his ass off at what I just spewed from my mouth. Moral of the story: Asian people and their little understanding of the english language allows for great times.

  6. I remember working at the HoJo with Casperson one time when Linda the catering manager said, “Hey, can you check University Room to make sure they’re good on teabags?” Casperson and I both laughed for approximately 17 minutes.

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