And He’s Out of There…

Aaaaaaaand the Madd Scientist has left California. He’s your problem now, Wisconsin.

— I think he sold his whazz machine

22 thoughts on “And He’s Out of There…

  1. A funny but from wrestling tonight:

    JBL was out in the ring giving a victory speech when he was confronted by Latino Heeet, Booker and the Undertaker when he commented that he hated having to speak English, Spainish, Hip-hop and Monster in order to get his ideas across. Monster…

    PS: Thizz, I’m challenging you for the title. Tonight!

  2. MORE JOKES! How are a Texas tornado and a Tennessee divorce the same? Somebody’s gonna lose a trailer. HAH.

  3. Wiggity wiggity wiggity! Zach’s checkin in straight outta the Wintellect class I’m takin’. It’s fun, I’m learning right now about .Net’s Interop methodology! Managed Win32 code hooking up with unmanaged Win32 code. How do you translate structs? Easy! See you next yeeeeeeeeeeeeear!

  4. By the way, wikrus, I wasn’t going to watch Smackdown! but now I’m going to. That just sounds hilarious. Funny anecdote: I was telling Scubby who the world champ on smackdown was and we were talking about it for awhile when all of a sudden he blurted out, “Wait a minute, are you talking about Bradshaw… as in Bradshaw from the Acolytes?!” I said, “Yes.” Scubby replied something along the lines of “Holy crap, he looks gay now.”

  5. If anyone wants to send me birdseed:

    1945N Oakland #15
    Milwaukee WI 53202

    also moneypenny, I got a BD gift for you at my house. It’s getting a little rotten, so send me yo PO box.

  6. 1.why don’t you marry him? moneypenny is in love with jason clark and they’re going to get married. how sweet. marriage for jason and moneypenny. jason moneypenny. jason do you take moneypenny to have and to hold, yes i do, moneypenny do you have and to hold yes i do to and i now prouncae you married for ever.

    2.ok jen i can beat you in the bad joke category this guy walks in to a restaurant and the waiter asks him what he’ll have and he orders eggs benedict. so the watiter brings him the eggs benedict served on this shiny metal plate and he’s like what’s up with the shiny metal plate? and the waiter says:

    There’s no plate like chrome for the hollandaise.

    oh man i can’t believe i just told that no plate like chrome for the holidays joke.

  7. Awesome, I think that’s the guy that taught .NET here. The only problem was that my class was filled with fucking idiots.

    It was interested what he said about Microsoft. He couldn’t believe that they kept trying to put me into a developer role.

  8. Ok, Zach and Alandovos, I will have a 3-some with you… but Alandovos, you’ll have to be in a pitching to Zach role.

  9. Hey all,

    If you see Lynn, give her a great big congrats: she got into med school today. It’s somewhere in Chicago, Loyola I think. She still has a few apps out, so she’s freerolling right now. So, you know, wow. Now all I need is Timmer to become a dentist and I’m set. The only bad news is, unless she flunks out, I’m the dumb one. Whazz on all. If you need me, I’ll be working third shift tonight at the hotel. Yip. e.

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