Wow, I really didn’t think any company would ever be that stupid but not only did Virgin Mobile blow my mind, they shit in my empty skull once the brain was blown. Their new ad campaign, Chrismahanakwanzakah, is not insulting to me on a religious level, so much as on a basically intellectual level. Hey Virgin, how do you suggest I get to the store to buy your product? Perhaps on a platrabikar. And when I complete my purchatransactabuy I’ll head over to McBurgerCarl’s King for a chickeburgenchilado. You filthy retards over at Virgin Advertising; I hate you. I hope whoever wins that Charlie Branson’s Rebel Millionaire show goes over to the marketing office and stomps on the dick of whoever made this shit up.

–whazz is just whazz, no matter what the marketing slogan

6 thoughts on “Chrismahanakwazakah

  1. PAUL!!! I was just thinking of you the other day (Dave Matthews was playing in the car). Umm… so isn’t the Virgin Atlantic guy’s name Richard Branson? I’m not sure though…

  2. Football:

    Yo Pennythistle,

    I’d think about the bears plus 8 and cinci plus 41/2. Both won on the road and are home dogs this week. Also, no sane man/woman/child thinks they can win, always a good sign.

  3. Had my money on those two on thursday (bears +7.5 and cinci +4), as I thought the public would come to their senses (at least on Cincy, not the bears). I really like the Bears in this situation, I think they can keep it close. Also, last time I looked the niners were getting 8 from tampa bay. I don’t think TB’s offense is that great. If niners don’t suck hard they could cover.

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